2018 - Wing - Ignas Brazdeikis (Commit)


I have to say that the Chris Mullin comparison is dead on, except that Mullin is an elite shooter and Iggy likes to take it to the rims more.

I don’t think the characterization of Iggy bullying his way to the rim is accurate. He is actually very good at changing directions and cutting through the tiny space between the defenders, and he has the body strength to absorb the contact and adjust to finish.


Yes. It’s this agility I was trying to describe in my comment above. He’s strong, and not afraid of contact, but really damned agile. This goes back to the question I was asking above: is that skill or athleticism? This interesting article, unsurprisingly, says that better athletes have been found to possess more of it:



That’s an interesting discussion. Usually when people talk about athleticism they focus on explosiveness, but I’m not surprised to see the link between that and agility. I’d probably place agility in the “athleticism” category.


Good point LAW… I think he’ll need to be a great shooter to thrive in the NBA. Hoping he hones his skill and gets to the next level.


The assistant coaches today, said that Iggy eventually could play as many as 4 different positions.


The things he shares with Chris Mullin are very good body control, balance, craftiness, size. I also agree with the counter that Mullin is a better shooter and Iggy is more physical.


Everyone tries to pigeon hole individuals into player types. But this is what I know when I see Iggy. He knows how to play. He has basketball instincts to go along with his skills and whatever athleticism he has. I think this is under rated by many. For instance for all the athletic ability Ibi showed his basketball instincts were terrible in my view.


I would say not just basketball instincts, but scoring instincts.


So, that should answer the question: “Who are we going to go to when the other team is on a run and we really need a basket to stop their run?”


The more pertinent question is how much Jordan Poole-itis does Michigan need to work out of Iggy? :slight_smile:


Jordan Poole-it Is? Do you mean that Iggy has an overdose of swag? :slightly_smiling_face:


I mean that Iggy takes a lot of shots. Not always good shots. He’s a very aggressive offensive player and will have to adjust to the college game. Similar to Poole, I also expect some defensive learning curve as well.


Everybody has issues. :face_with_thermometer:


Brazdeikis going to be up to speed real quick on turnovers and bad shots, and Jordan Poole can be his mentor. From limited video I’ve seen, Brazdeikis is pretty good fundamentally.

Coach Beilein can live with a few bad shots; can accept the inevitable bad freshman defense, but he’s unforgiving of sloppy, unforced turnovers imo.


Iggy was turning it over 3x per game in EYBL, 2x per game in HS. The HS was especially high usage (22 shots per game) but there will be an adjustment there. He’s also avg’d more TO than assists in his last 2 years of prep and EYBL.

I think the key will be creating a role where he can really focus on scoring with certain lineups and getting the most out of him in small bursts. At least to start.

There aren’t a lot of other players on the roster who want to take shots and that’s what makes Iggy so valuable.


When I watch him I almost see a version of Tyreke Evans. Here is the Draft Express summary of Evans that I feel could translate. I do think Evans is a notch or two above Iggy in athleticism but both are just scorers.

“It’s pretty obvious what Evans offers as a prospect, as he’s one of the premier shot-creators in the country, despite being only 19 years old. His combination of strength, aggressiveness and scoring instincts is almost unparalleled at this level, and should translate to the NBA level effectively when you consider his terrific footwork, body control, and hesitation moves. He does an excellent job pushing the ball up the floor in transition, can create (and finish) with either hand almost equally as well, and is an absolute bulldozer slashing his way through the paint and creating contact at the rim. While not an incredible leaper, Evans knows how to get to the free throw line, which helps minimize the fact that he’s not an incredible finisher percentage wise (just 50%).” -NCAA Weekly Performers 2/19/2009 - Source: http://www.draftexpress.com/profile/Tyreke-Evans-1110/ ©DraftExpress


I can’t evaluate a player like Ibi who played so little.


Since I don’t have the trained eye that many of you do, would you project Iggy could be a ball handler in PNR situations in college? How does he compare to CM in that regard?


I would say no doubt he is capable of handling ball in Pick and Roll but he’s going to have to earn coaches trust. Based on little video I’ve seen, he’s a superior ball handler than Matthews.


I think he has potential to be a far superior playmaker for others off the dribble than Matthews has shown thus far also. He will be turnover prone early but I like Iggy’s vision and passing ability based on tape (even if he’s looking to shoot first 90% of the time). CM I think could take another step as a ball screen handler but I’m skeptical he will ever be an above average passer.