2018 - Wing - Ignas Brazdeikis (Commit)


Yes, that may very well be, but the good news is Coach B is a really good teacher. In fact, he lives to teach! :grinning:


Eh, I completely disagree that Poole can’t better defensively. With him it was mostly positioning, lunging at pump fakes, etc, But he;s got plenty of athleticism already, and actually had quite a few steals in the games I watched. Just took too many chances or lost his man. He;ll be fine. And as for Iggy, who knows. He hasn’t even stepped foot on campus yet, good grief.


You think that’s a stretch?


I’m very interested to see how Iggy’s offensive game transfers to the collegiate level.

I certainly could not predict college stardom and League participation for him now though.

I’ll happily be proven wrong however.


Matthews and Simpson will both still be here. I’m really not following this logic at all. Not to mention Teske will be added to the starting lineup.


exactly. I am optimistic that he can hold his ground against most college 3-4s. His change of direction is not bad at all.


Those two young men will be trial of patience for sure!


Luckily being proven wrong happens a lot!


Clipped most of Ignas’ shots, possessions, etc. from last night.


My thoughts exactly. McQuade is the projected starting 3 on the team some pick as the top B1G team and Iggy can definitely guard him.


It was an All Star game, so it’s hard to bank too much on what we saw. Having said that, I don’t have the defensive concerns that some here have expressed. I think Iggy can play either the 3 or 4 right away. He looks to need to get into better game condition. That will happen.

From day one, he will be as good or better than any one on our team at getting into the lane and finishing. That is something we can always use more of.


Let’s not use Matt McQuaid as a baseline for a high-major wing :slight_smile:


Agree, but he isn’t going to be asked to guard all-americans every game either. smiley face back at you.


I just think that it is fair to point out that Iggy will struggle to defend a lot of quicker guards and wings. That’s why I think he’ll probably be best suited to defend the 4 more often than not because those guys aren’t always particularly quick and Iggy does have a solid frame. If you have Charles and X on the floor, you will have at least some flexibility though because both of those guys are great defenders with perimeter quickness.


So what happens with Livers, Iggy and Johns in your mind then? If you see Iggy only capable of guarding 4s…do you have the same concern with the other two? I have a hard time reasoning that those 3 will only be able to guard one position combined.


TBH, I don’t think there will ever be a scenario Iggy has to guard anyone except a 4 man, besides switching and such. If he’s out there as the “3” on offense with Matthews as the “2”. Johns or Livers will guard whoever is the quicker offensive player between the 3/4.


Well that’s one reason I’m so high on Johns as a potential small ball 5. Have to figure out a way to get all the combo forwards on the court. Also will be very matchup dependent I think in terms of defensive assignments.

I think a lot of scenarios depend on how the minutes at the two shake out. Can Matthews play that spot? How many minutes can Poole play? Who is the backup there?


I could see Matthews playing some 2 if he improves his handle and outside shot. But, when he does play the 2, who is going to be playing the 3 and 4? Seems like it would have to be two of Iggy, Livers and Johns and one of them is going to have to guard the 3.

And even if Matthews only plays the 3, who is going to back him up for the other 5-10 minutes. Wouldn’t it most likely be Iggy (from the current roster).?


I’ve seen some talk of Iggy playing the 2. What do you think about the viability of Iggy pulling an Irvin? I.E playing the 2 on offense and guarding the 4? Matthews would guard 2s and play 3.


At the same time, the talent level in the Big Ten is so weak that a potential issue might only pop up in ~5 games for the entire season.