2018 - Wing - Ignas Brazdeikis (Commit)


Iggy has never seen a shot he doesn’t like. I have no idea who he can possibly guard at the next level either.


This guy always with the strong Iggy hate.


A college work in progress going forward. No immediate day one contributor. 20 year old Frosh with limited athletic ability and a defensive liability.

If “you are who you can guard” Iggy better buy in quick.


Michigan just had the No. 3 defense in the country with Duncan Robinson playing the four. Iggy isn’t going to be a great defender, but there are ways to make it work.


I’d be willing to bet anything Iggy is an immediate contributor in some fashion. He’s the ultimate shot creator on a team that desperately needs that skill. If he can’t guard from day one, well we can surround him with 3-4 elite defenders and live with the results.


I’m going to agree with you, MattR11. As far as, “Never seen a shot he doesn’t like,” Iggy took it to the basket last night pretty well against great competition and scored on four of those shots. He took a few outside shots that didn’t go in but they were good shots. They just didn’t go in. His outside shot looks solid. As far as who he’s going to guard, last night didn’t show me much either way, for good or bad, but I’m pretty sure Jon Sanderson and Luke Yaklich will help him figure out who he’s going to guard, and I’d guess they are excited about the prospect of helping him to develop on that end. It may be that Chezaroo has seen Iggy play multiple times and has just come away unimpressed with the kid’s talent and ability, much less impressed than many of the rest of us including the folks who picked the Hoops Summit teams, the national recruiting guys, and, oh yeah, Coach Beilein. To each his own, but I’ll stick with Coach.


They won’t have a top defense with Poole and Iggy playing significant time together.

Iggy’s physical limitations are well known. It remains to be seen if his offensive HS bully ball can transfer to college.


I get that he is 19 years old, but I don’t know why he seems to be so caught up on positional designation. Those designations certainly don’t mean much in Beilein’s system and the NBA has taken big steps towards positionless basketball. He will have the ball in his hands on the wing on offense, and likely will guard 4s on the other end.


Just like we wouldn’t have a top defense with Robinson and Wagner playing significant time together?

Where the hell is this random negativity coming from?

Also, Poole’s mistakes were almost entirely mental. Why are you so convinced those won’t be fixed with an extra 8 months of time and a season’s worth of film to look back on?


I’m going to bet that Poole will be better defensively next year. And Iggy, you guys have already said it multiple times, it’s possible defensive limitations could put him exclusively at the 4, coming out of the gate anyway. But at long as this coaching staff stays intact, he will get better. Robinson improved defensively. I think everyone did. Wagner, MAAR, Z… But in the beginning I could easily envision some small ball in spots with Iggy at the 4 and Johns or Livers at the 5, especially if Wagner leaves. But Iggy’s gonna play. We are losing a significant part of our offense, even more if Wagner leaves. We;re going to need him.


He has been anti-Iggy from the jump. I think it is crazy to think he won’t be an effective player in the B1G. There were plenty of scouts that watched him this week that loved his potential.


I just find the numerous worst case scenario assumptions being made here to be a bit odd.


My take on the defensive physical abilities of Poole and Iggy are mine alone.

I’m not optimistic of either being even an adequate collegiate defender going forward.

Especially with both on the court simultaneously for 25+ minutes.

Will happily enjoy being proven incorrect.


Iggy is a good rebounder already and I bet that translates to college. Can’t call someone who can rebound a liability defensively.

Foot speed TBD but we know he’ll translate on the glass. Works for me and then go from there.


You act like every college player has elite scoring ability.

Let’s assume Matt McQuaid starts at the three for MSU next year. You worried about him torching Iggy?

Iggy, to me, is a taller version of Kennard with better driving ability, and not quite the same outside shot. He’s going to be a college star and play in the league.


You absolutely do not need to be a great athlete to be a great college player.


One thing we can be sure of… Iggy and Poole both playing heavy minutes will leave a lot of teachable moments for Beilein to handle :slight_smile:


Our defensive improvement this past year was more attributable to the physical attributes of Matthews and Simpson.

Iggy and Poole do not possess those same defensive abilities. Not even close.


And our offensive decline this past year was attributable to the skill limitations of Matthews and Simpson.

Iggy and Poole possess those offensive abilities. Potentially at an elite level for collegiate players.

It will be a balance. But the formula of 3 elite defenders + 2 elite offensive players is one im excited about.


“College Star and play in the League?” Wow.