2018 - Wing - Ignas Brazdeikis (Commit)


Yep. And a lot of people think that, not just me.


Scouts and analysts that have seen him play? Link?


When did Irvin play the two on offense, and guard the four? I have no recollection of that at all.


Would you agree that taking Mooney makes things more complicated for the Iggy/Livers/Johns trio to see the floor? That’s my major concern as I’m not convinced any of the three will be an option at the 5.


This is the most likely scenario to me. Hope it happens


Defense is not purely about athleticism. Effort matters. Zach Novak and Duncan Robinson were good defenders by the time they were seniors. Neither was a good athlete.

And if both guys are elite scorers and only adequate defenders, like Stauskas, that’s fine too. You can win a lot of games with players like that.


Haven’t really thought about it like that. I just see Michigan’s roster tilting very frontcourt heavy almost similar to MSU this year (obviously not as extreme) but with all the depth building up in the frontcourt.

Maybe I just don’t trust DDJ and Eli enough yet, but I see the two-guard as the biggest hole on the roster.


Rivals has been hyping him all week at these practices. Nik Stauskas thinks he’s a two year college players.


He was our backup 2 in 15 and 16 since we had no backup guards. We’d run lineups like Spike, Zak, Aubrey, Kam


I’ll be ecstatic if Iggy’s half court offensive game translates to the B1G next year.

Here is DX snapshot of him as a 17 year old prospect. Caveats apply as to growth since, but his potential physical limitations are still the same going forward IMO.

EWA: 1.4 PER: 29.6 TS%: 56.7 Brazdeikis played second fiddle to R.J. Barrett but was a very important piece for Team Canada. His per 40 averages came out to 27 points and 13 rebounds, and he showcased his good feel for the game and his ability knock down the 3-ball, despite sporting very funky shooting mechanics. Brazdeikis who is a lefty, shot 38% from deep and kept defenses honest as a floor spacer. He pushes the ball a little bit on his shot, something that will have to be adjusted down the line. He isn’t a great advanced ball handler, but has a good first step and was quick to attack closeouts on straight line drives to the rim. Somewhat limited athletically, Brazdeikis nevertheless finished very efficiently around the basket, especially going to his left. He competes consistently and is an effective rebounder with strong hands and good instincts. He proved to be willing to put the effort in on defense, but lacks a degree of lateral quickness and is somewhat caught between forward positions, while also not possessing much length (6’8 wingspan). Brazdeikis is heading into his Junior season at Orangeville prep in Ontario. Although he played some small forward for Team Canada, Brazdeikis pans out more as a stretch 4 as he develops. He looks like he has some pick and pop potential with the ability to attack a hard closeout. Brazdeikis’ scoring instincts and aggressiveness will likely make him an effective scoring power forward at the college level, but will have to continue to improve his body and try to maximize his physical tools, as he is not a gifted athlete. Read full arti - Source: http://www.draftexpress.com/profile/Ignas-Brazdeikis-91149/ ©DraftExpress



I’m most hopeful that his straight line drives will translate to college, as that potentially increases our team FT opportunities.


we loose MAAR and Simmons from last season, add DD, and move Poole down to 2. our backcourt is not any thinner than last year.


Last year we had a guy we knew could play 35 mins a game at the two… we don’t have that right now


Iggy is just an efficient scorer with a very good feel for the game. pure althletism is often overrated in basketball, which is played on a small court and a hoop fixed at 10 feet, you find better vertical in NFL combine than in NBA combine.


Bingo. MAAR was the most consistent guy on the roster last year. Maybe not in terms of all out production, but consistent quality dependable two-way minutes.


Iggy’s value going forward is in offensive half court sets hopefully.

Pure athleticism and lateral quicks ( Matthews - Simpson ) is the reason our D improved so much last season.

It wasn’t Matador on the perimeter any more. People could actually stay in front of someone occasionally.


After watching Nike game, one of my top thoughts was Johns and DeJulius would not have been out of place in that game. Castleton maybe as well. M has a really really good class coming in.


Iggy going to be really good. He looks like he is well coached fundamentals wise. Shot selection is whacked; that’ll get fixed soon. I like that he has the ability to get to the basket with just a little leverage. He instinctively knows he has the edge and acts on it, uses his big body very effectively.


Dylan, totally agree…Caris gets by him in one bounce but I love this guys upside. Reminds me a little of Chris Mullen back in the day!