2018 - Wing - Ignas Brazdeikis (Commit)



Also from a rivals write up after the World team’s practice: “Michigan-bound 5-star forward Ignas Brazdeikis looked the world team’s best shooter. The Canadian is a strong and skilled offensive player who can stretch defenses and his 6 foot 7, 225 pound frame allows him to be a good post scorer as well. He looks like he should be ready to step right in and play important minutes for the Wolverines”


I really can’t imagine there’s a more talented group of wings next year anywhere (besides Duke obviously) than Poole, Matthews, Iggy, Johns, Livers.


Best shooter? I don’t know how good the shooters on that team are but I know it has some top level talent. If Iggy’s shot is that good then I don’t see how he isn’t one of our go-to guys if Mo leaves.



The best part is that we might be able to see a line-up of these 5. Poole is capable to run the point, and Mathews at 2 if he improves his handle (which is not far off as of now), Livers and Johns can man 5.


Iggy should be able to plug in immediately what DR left. I think that we will miss MAAR but I can see Brooks fit into MAAR’s role.


I will believe your last point when I see it.


Maybe if you’re talking about MAAR as a sophomore but that’d be a big leap to see him playing like senior MAAR.


You have to be thinking Poole replacing MAAR and not Brooks.


Poole will take a good portion of MAAR’s minutes but not necessarily MAAR’s role. Poole will be more of the sophomore Stauskas and junior Levert on next year’s team.


You guys can watch him tonight, but wrote some thoughts on Iggy’s game, his shooting #s and how he’ll fit at Michigan.


Just caught up on the game so I’m live now. Impossible to understate how much Iggy loves to shoot.

After watching him today, I would say 0% chance he is the starter Game 1 (even though he might be the best players between him, Livers and Johns from Day 1 of practice). The turnovers are gonna make Beilein tear his hair out.


Box score from the hoops summit.



i watched the game too. the starting lineup of the first game is pretty much set on stone anyway X-JP-CM-IL-JT. I was not expecting Iggy starting from Day 1 anyway. i like that fact that Iggy was very assertive offensively and likes to take the ball inside, and i can see him running some ball screening effectively but he needs to know when to kick out or stop and pull a jumper.


Eh I think the turnovers won’t be as big of a problem once he gets used to the pace and JB’s sets. My takeaway from last night is he’s very capable of playing on the perimeter more than I’d expect. Wouldn’t be shocked if he’s more natural at the 2 than Matthews next year if need be. Good vision, creative passer…and the kid can flat out score. The World coach basically had him play the R.J. Barrett role last night and staggered their minutes so he could come right in and hunt shots. Only 12 minutes and he filled the stat sheet pretty well. 4 rebounds, 3 assists, 2 turnovers, 9 points on 4-9 shooting.


Offensively he’s going to score but defensively could be a big struggle depending who he is on floor with. I think he would really struggle to guard a college 2 or 3. Camp Sanderson has a lot of work to do to get him in shape and improve his athleticism.


Yeah, the thing with Iggy is that he’s going to be limited positionally based on who he can guard not what he can do with the ball.


I thought he looked pretty good last night. Didn’t get to really see much of his outside shot as all his buckets were layups. He’s defintely an aggressive offensive player. I think he’s highly skilled though.

I do think his defense will be an issue as I don’t think he’s particularly swift of foot. As Beilein says, you are who you can guard. Therefore, I have a hard time seeing him play the 2.

I still think he will make a good 4. I like the way he rebounds the ball and it’s an added bonus having him grab a board and bring the ball up the court on the break or pass it ahead to the frontcourt which he did a couple of times last night.

I think he’s versatile enough offensively to play multiple spots but not sure how much Beilein will put on his plate as a freshman. He could be an instant offensive guy off the bench to start the season but as we’ve seen in the past, some of the guys who start the season might not necessarily be starting come January.


Iggy retweeted and replied to this tweet:

I think that demonstrates the guard mentality that Dylan likes to talk about with him, lol