2018 - Wing - Ignas Brazdeikis (Commit)


I thought I remember that Iggy was playing in some high profile high school all-star games (not McD’s or Jordan). Does anyone have any info on which ones and when? I would love to be able to turn on the tv and watch the kid against some high level opponents. For that matter, is he our only 2018 playing in a televised all-star game?


He’s at Hoop Summit with the world team. Game is on Friday, practices are going on throughout the week.


I’m fairly certain he’s the only Beilein recruit to ever play in a national all-star game. I’m guessing Horton in 2002 was our last?

Funny note on Horton and the McDAA game, other participants in the game included Carmelo, Bosh, the UNC trio (May , McCants, Felton), JJ Redick, Amare Stoudemire, and Paul Davis.


Mitch also played in the Hoop Summit.


Kam Chatman played in the Jordan Brand classic


Thanks! I cant seem to find if it is televised… ESPN?


ESPN 2 on Friday at 10 EST.


Is that AM or PM?


generally, if you can’t catch it live, you can go to WATCHESPN.COM and view it after the fact.


It’s at 10 PM EST



Iggy is a load…


If there’s not a huge wingspan difference I gotta believe they’d look at putting Iggy at the 4 on defense and Johns at the 3 IFF they’re playing at the same time.


It will be interesting to see how it all pegs out. Ignas sees himself as a 2/3 type of guy. I watch him and see a perfect smallball four in Michigan’s system.

Johns is also a perfect combo forward, but he has more length and a better shot.

I don’t really think either guy is well-equipped to guard college threes next year, but both guys need to see the floor.


Agree on all fronts, the trio of Ignas, Johns, and Livers will be one of the most interesting story lines to watch before and during next season. Probably 50 minutes of PT to go around, maybe a bit more if Beilein goes small ball and plays Livers at the 5. A lot probably depends on one of them becoming quick enough to guard small wing types, like you referred to.


Where Livers fits in is another element to the equation. He’s probably the best athlete of the bunch but the least aggressive offensive player.


I’m still a bit confused how he wasn’t able to create offense from simple cuts to the basket this past season. I might take a look at some games and just watch what he’s doing, because I feel like a lot more action should be generated from that. I wonder just how much that injury affected him, I doubt we’ll ever truly find out. With all the physical tools, I suspect off ball movement will be a major point that they’ll work on with him in the off-season.

Sorry for taking this off topic somewhat, I’ll let the conversation return to Iggy.


I like Livers athleticism but I believe Johns’ may be better. It will be interesting to see there skill level side by side. I think Livers will take a step up next year. I think he has the ability to create offense from simple cuts to the basket and take someone off the dribble. JB will have to force feed him next year and not count on any seniors to do the heavy lifting like this year which seems to be the JB way. Now Iggy does not seem to be the type of player to take a back seat which I think Livers had no problem doing this season. I am hoping those three combo forwards make it difficult for JB not to have them on the floor alot. If the freshman can play competent defense this will be the teams strongest position. How this group comes along goes along way in letting JB be creative with his line up.


Livers is plenty athletic, and is built. He defends well, something we haven’t evaluated re Iggy and Johns. Livers has to be more assertive. He could take a big step up this season, though.


I hope you are right. He is the guy we most need to take a big step up.