2018 - Wing - Ignas Brazdeikis (Commit)


Absolutely. Whether it’s physical strength or just a mindset he needs to work on going strong to the rim.


Can’t wait!

(highlights of Iggy vs. Woodstock Academy)


It’s both. He’ll be more confident when he’s stronger and somewhat more explosive, but he’s got to get it out of his head that laying it up is “good enough.” I couldn’t believe he laid it up on a play against NW where he didn’t even go glass but tried to lay it straight over the rim. Dunk that, man!


I think this could be college vs high school bias. Livers dribbled/ran action a ton in high school. Credit to MattD, because Im pretty sure he said Livers has a good handle for his size, but that it wouldnt immediately translate. I wouldnt be surprised if the same happens to Johns. Johns looks like built like a beast, Id bet he’s better suited for the small-ball 5 role.

Super high on both, though.


I’m going from the AAU highlights (and to a lesser extent regular season game highlights) I’ve seen of both. Johns fairly frequently scores off the dribble - not just on drives, but he uses it to work his way down low for baskets. Livers just really didn’t, and still doesn’t. He shoots threes, cuts, and grabs offensive boards to score.


I believe that. But Livers’ highlights definitely had drives, and alot of running the fast break.


Johns is best suited for the 4 here. He’ll be the best 4 in JBs era, IMO.


Not disputing that. I was saying that I think Johns would be a better small-ball 5, than Livers. Johns might be a better 4, too. Who’s going to play the most/best between Livers, Iggy, and Johns is anybody’s guess. Crazy how crowded the wings are, with CM, Livers, Iggy, Johns; going to be a fun competition that only means good things for the team.

And my original point was that Im not convinced Johns will be a better dribbler, as a freshman, than Livers is, as a freshman.


Ahhhhh, my bad. Thought you were saying better 5 than 4. I don’t really like johns at all at the 5, agree livers would be better.



Um. He’s definitely not averaging over 40 points right? I feel like the point totals I see from him are pretty much all between 23-45.


17 games in my database have hm at 30 ppg. That’s not every game they’ve played because they play such a crazy schedule, but probably a more represantative number.


Yeah I would’ve wagered he was averaging 30-32 if I was guessing.


Hope he can do half that at the next level.




We’ll finally get to watch one of those all star games:

Iggy in the Nike Hoop Summit


Can’t wait to watch this year’s summit!