2018 - Wing - Ignas Brazdeikis (Commit)


Not trying to imply that I’m down on him by any means. Just pointing those things out as reasons why a kid who goes for 20 per game on the EYBL circuit isn’t really looked at as a one-and-done or anything like that. I’d say the majority of guys that productive generally are in that thought group.

I don’t worry about production from Iggy, especially if he improves that shot.


Yep. I definitely don’t think he’s one-and-done, but could easily be 2- or 3-and-done.


I’m more excited about Iggy than I have been for any recruit since Stauskas. Perfect fit for our offense.



Whoa! Intense. Dog.


Matthews and him on the wing would be funnnnn


He looks leaner than the summer



Barring Mathews blowing up and jumping, which I think is possible, then we should be very good next year. Mathews, ignas, John’s, livers, and Ibi fircthe 3/4 is very versatile and impressive.

I think Mathews with an improved jump shot has to slide to the two a bit. Get your best talent out there. In terms of raw talent next years roster might be beileins best group. It’s scary what could form under his tutelage.

Z. Dejulius
Eli/ poole / Nunez
Mathews/ ignas/ Ibi
Livers/ John’s / castleton

I still see Colin playing some center for us with that length. The future trio of ignas, John’s and livers at the 3/4 has me very excited. Best combo of skill and athletes on the wings that I can remember. The future is very bright.


I’ll be a bit surprised if Castleton doesn’t play all (or nearly all) of his minutes at center.


Some nice cred coming for Iggy from Rivals


Words do not really describe how excited I am for Iggy to come in. He looks much thinner than in AAU season and also more explosive and light on his feet. He could be a Big Ten Freshman of the year caliber player who can truly play at the 3 spot with no issue for Michigan the way he has physically improved.


Adding Iggy + Johns to Matthews + Livers…we’ll have some really good 3/4 depth, athleticism, and scoring. Those are some exciting players.


If Wagner is somehow back and a point guard emerges, I’m smelling another big ten title


I’m more concerned about the 5 spot if Wagner leaves which I’m pretty sure will happen. Almost hope we can somehow get a grad transfer in at the 5 spot somehow. Maybe if Matthews declares early or someone transfers out.


I have to believe that the 5 would be the easiest transition in Beilein’s system too.


I think between Teske, Davis and Castleton they will be fine depending on what they want out of the 5 position. They all have different skillsets


I wouldn’t be “pretty sure” Wagner is leaving. He’s not an NBA guy yet. Lots of flaws in his game for that level. He loves AA and knows what a degree would do for him.

But, if he did leave, our 5’s next year would be more than suitable. We wouldn’t rely on them to score as we will/do this year. Our wings will be the scorers. Matthews/Iggy/Liver/Johns, in addition to Brooks and Poole will have caught on by that point. Teske/Davis/CC can play as a forth or fifth offensive option and a solid in the paint D presence. Very similar to what Morgan provided late in his career with Nik and Caris on the wings.

I worry more about PG to be honest. We’ll see how Brooks develops there.


Every time I read an Iggy scouting report this year, I will think about what he’d look like in Michigan’s lineup this year had he reclassified.


Just don’t remind the rest of us each time – that’s mean.