2018 - Wing - Adrien Nunez (Commit)



I am skeptical but hopefully he can surprise me.



I think this kid is going to pleasantly surprise all of us. I think Beilein found another hidden gem… GO BLUE!


Seems bouncy and that is, indeed, a pretty stroke.

A substantially more athletic Duncan type wouldn’t be a bad thing at all.



Nunez finally ranked. 247: 87, Composite: .8628


Composite #287


It’s been way too long since Beilein helped a virtually unranked player become a lottery pick. 2 years now? Welcome aboard, Adrien!


I was confused by the “grimace emoji” that Castleton used as I assumed it meant nervousness, awkwardness or feigned happiness. So, I asked a middle schooler what it means–apparently , on snapchat this symbol also means you and another person share a same #1 best friend. I will take that as a reveal of Castleton’s intention.


I love the research!


hahaha I almost spit out my coffee…love the digging!



Really excited about this kid. Don’t want to chide too much, but I would encourage some of you–who follow a lot closer than me–to believe the evidence of your own eyes. I see skeptical posts here, noting this or that rating or evaluation, when he’s clearly an incredibly promising emerging player, “ceiling” barely even in view yet. I appreciate the article, which helps put that in perspective.


I wasn’t thrilled about him getting an offer initially but I think he was a solid pickup. Even though his highlight film is pretty much just 3s, he does make some tough contested shots and shots off the dribble with his quick release. Always great to have guards with length and he won’t be under any pressure to contribute right away. I’m excited to see him play


Lot of good to be said about a young man who wouldn’t accept “no” to a big time college scholarship offer, put in the work to improve his game at a prep school, and made his dream come true.
Sounds like a future captain to me


Does your guys thoughts of him change since he is an older recruit or is it negated because he didn’t start playing until the 7th grade?


This is by far the best report I read on this site.


I think age is just one part of an evaluation. Older guys can come in and make an impact and develop, you just don’t always see a physical transformation. Nik Stauskas was a year older than Caris, but both had breakout sophomore seasons. Caris’ development just had a lot more to do with his physical transformation.

I don’t know what to think about not playing until the 7th grade… usually you hear that about a big guy or someone who maybe moved from another country.


Kudos to @OrionSang.


not a bit worry over his age. The fact that he improved dramatically over the past a few month suggests that he could be a totally different player when he shows up on campus.