2018 - Wing - Adrien Nunez (Commit)



It seems like you really want to have a conversation I don’t care to. If every discussion on this board settles at “Well coach Beilein knows more basketball than I do, so I won’t say anything”, it would get pretty boring.

To my eye, and it would seem the scouting community and colleges coaches broadly would agree, Locke is a superior player. Maybe we have no shot at him anymore.


His form was awful. Nunez has really nice form.


It seems like you really want to have a conversation I don’t care to.

Just for the record, prior to this comment, I only responded once to your comments whereas you responded twice to me.


I think there’s no doubt Locke is the better player and we would prefer to have him. Sounds like he’s looking for guaranteed early playing time and not certain he’ll find it with us.

The question, do you then take Nunez? I’d leave that to JB, but I do note his shot is really nice.



Doesn’t seem like much mystery there


I would agree with that :slight_smile:


I would guess that means the door is closed on Locke?


Yes, I don’t see Locke in this class. They brought in Castleton and Nunez this weekend with, in my opinion, intentions of closing the door on this class. Both guys will announce this week.


While I’m not downplaying the likelihood of Nunez committing, this guy reported that he would be announcing the commit next week before his OV even started.

Also is it a little weird that he’s an OSU reporter that’s announcing this?


I think he may have been hired as an OSU reporter in the last few days. He’s been trying to scoop up a lot of these announcement type of things over the past month.

I would be shocked if Nunez announced for anywhere other than Michigan.


However, doesn’t this still leave the door open for Locke, if he really wanted in this class? All he has to do is call Beilein and accept before the Nunez announcement. I do not expect that to happen.


I would guess he told Beilein he is coming already, and just formally announcing tomorrow.


Fingers crossed he commits elsewhere.


What is Nunez like on the defensive side of the ball? Would be great to have a 3 and D wing on the team especially with a bunch of small guards.


Don’t count on it. Pretty obvious he’s blue.


Think the Nunez commitment should be coming any time now…



Commit post is up