2018 - Wing - Adrien Nunez (Commit)



Will Orion be on board all season again?


Yep, @OrionSang and @AndrewKahn will both be around this year in a similar fashion to last year.


Thanks, Kenny! Much appreciated.


I was fascinated that he didn’t start playing until so late. Many of the top guys are playing travel by age 10.


This is slightly less accurate now. Andrew is moving onto MLive (https://twitter.com/AndrewKahn/status/920656474610728966), but Orion is still around and we are working on bringing in one other person as well.


Some highlights from one of Nunez’s game


Was that 8 three pointers?


That’s the same game from last week’s roundup against Brewster. Huge performance by Nunez.


Love that stroke…reminds me of Booker!


Coach B has a class of shooters inbound next year. if he can continue to work with the kids there now they could be deadly next year.


That is one of the most pretty/pure shots I’ve seen. It’s almost a highlight just watching his shot. Textbook.


Reminds me of Trajan Langdon the Alaskan Assassin


If Nunez can have 2/3s the impact Langdon did during his college career, then Michigan is getting a heck of a player for its system.



If ever there were a redshirt candidate Nunez would seem to be one


Overall skill-wise, yes, but overall team need… idk. If Ibi can’t play we might need Nunez to stand around and shoot 40% from three off the bench at the 2.


Ibi can’t play but I still don’t think we will need Nunez next year. Lots of wing talent coming in.


I think I I might be able to play next year. I think it’s mental fir him a bit. If he got more time which he doesn’t deserve granted, I think he’d settle in and play much better.

Either way do we need him? A rotation of z, Eli, Poole, ignas, Matthews, John’s, livers, teske, Davis seems likely to me.


I really don’t think we’ll be seeing Johns or DeJulius at the two. Same with Iggy, a lineup with Simpson, Iggy, Matthews, Livers, Teske has nowhere near enough shooting.


I think that lineup could work. Z can shoot the trey, I expect him to improve too ( free throw at least) also ignas and livers can shoot. Hell he hasn’t shown it much but I’m confident teske can shoot. His shot usually looks good even when he misses. I predict next year he hits a lot more of his face ups and you see him hit some threes.