2018 - Wing - Adrien Nunez (Commit)

I’m starting to warm up to this kid. I think I discounted him because he’s a late riser, but he looks like he’s got some game. His step-back NBA 3’s are impressive, energetic, plays hard on defense, athletic. Lots to like.

I only saw one set of stats, for one season, but I was a little freaked out when I saw on maxpreps that he shot 29 percent 3 point shooting. Maybe it was just a bad season for him? I don’t know…

Hmmm… yeah highlights can be deceiving I guess.

It may have been a bad shooting season…I have no idea…I would be curious to see how he shot in other seasons because his shot looks great in the videos.

Shooting percentages can be a little deceiving at times. Did his team play with a shot clock? Was he forced to take a ton of contested shots? Was he coming off an injury? We might not ever know.

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Where did you find the stats?

Sorry that link didn’t work. Not sure why.

Stats don’t seem to tell the whole story here. His stats are awful. I guess something clicked over the summer.


Been trying to watch more film and figure out how he could go from essentially not recruited to multiple offers. He doesn’t seem to have played much last year at Bishop Loughlin, which I assume is a big reason why he’s moving to St. Thomas More this year.

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Bishop Loughlin is in the CHSAA, which has teams like Christ the King, Archbishop Molloy etc. Lots of NBA players grew up in this league. They finished 2nd in the league last year, so there were probably some good players ahead of him.

He had some decent players on his team. The league is tough and always has been. He’s taking a prep year and did well on the AAU circuit this spring. Like Ignas, he’s a bit older and maybe something just clicked. Never completely know what is happening with teammates, coaches, and potential family/social issues.

Didn’t Aubrey Dawkins come on late at prep school? Maybe something similar. Kid looks like he has decent form on his jumper and dunks with ease. I’ll try to look for more video but the only one I saw looks decent.

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He was probably the backup to this guy:

Keith William - 6’6" - 4* - Cincinnati

I fully expect Nunez to get an offer. Can anyone think of a prospect who has taken an official visit to Michigan and hasn’t been offered? Only one I can think of off hand is Shakwon Barrett and that was a late signing/spring situation so a little different.

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Do you think this is the kind of guy that we offer, but pump the brakes on, to see how other guys play out? Nunez seems like a good player, but not somebody to rush the process for.

No, he’s planning to announce his commitment next week.

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So unless CC beats him to the punch, we are likely looking at Nunez joining the fold

Are we getting both? Seems like it to me

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