2018 - Wing - Adrien Nunez (Commit)



@umhoops what about a Luke Hancock comparison? that’s who he reminds me of


Noah Locke reminds you of Hancock? That’s who I was comparing to Kam Williams in terms of a smaller shooter.


no, Nunez reminds me of Hancock…i thought you were talking about him


Any thoughts on how Nunez compares to Tucker? I’m guessing that Nunez is more like a traditional 2 and Tucker more like a “3” despite both being 6’5”?


Talen Horton Tucker? Nunez is a shooter, Horton-Tucker is much more like Iggy. A bigger wing who sort of bullies his way to the basket. Basically THT is another wing who wants to be told that he’s a 3, but has a lot of similarities to a smallball four.


Beilein obvious sees talent, and knows much more about basketball than I do, but this kid is very weird to me.

As a senior, he was, objectively, a not very effective or efficient player in a limited role on a pretty good team. He shot poorly as, what seems to be, the fourth option. I assume his other three years were no better.

Then he shows up at EYBL and plays well for three or four days, and his 24 game season of sub-mediocrity is washed over.

I see the tape, from my “expertise” as a high school player, he has good form on his jumper, etc - but I have hard time ignoring that in over 100 attempts as a senior last year, he shot 29%.

Clearly a number of coaches - all of whom know more than me - see something here, but if he’s such a “shooter”, why does he not shoot well?


I think you may be making some mistaken assumptions here. His first three years may not have been the same–if they were, he likely wouldn’t be playing at a reasonably high AAU level. I don’t think this is from three or four days of summer play–my understanding is that he played well in a summer tournament, then another, and then in Las Vegas, which is what prompted interest, followed by his playing well in an Elite Camp. Then Beilein and/or the staff has seen him in workouts another several times.

I have no idea why he shot the way he did last year. One or the other (this summer or last year) is an anomaly. With Locke and even Kennedy, who have shot it very well throughout, out there, if we offer Nunez, then quite obviously the staff believes that this summer is the true marker.


He didn’t play EYBL. He broke out in July playing in Vegas and at a few non-shoe events.

Judging him off his percentages at Bishop Loughlin is tough (there are points to be made either way) because of sample size. Noah Locke shot 38% from three last year in high school. If Nunez makes six more threes in high school then their percentages are the same.


I think the answer to that is: what do his misses look like and does Beilein think he can fix his shot?


It’s more likely an issue of selection. I doubt Beilein offers a kid like this if the mechanics are off.


Why do we continue to doubt Beilein’s eye for talent?


Well Beilein’s been quoted as saying that they recruit good shooters, but also guys who they think they can be coached to shoot better. He could have selection issues, for sure, but he might also have some mechanical inconsistencies that need correction. Shot mechanics are coachable too.


Kam Chatman?


Fair enough if it’s a consistency issue.


Sorry, mixed up Elevate and EYBL.

Also, he’s listed as a senior on his HS team? I thought he was doing a 5th year this year…


I don’t doubt his eye, broadly. Obviously he’s capabale of being wrong.


Yeah, somehow two versions of my response got merged into one. My bad.

So is the concern that evaluation happened during July? Because that’s how most of these guys are evaluated and when they move in the rankings, etc.


To my eye, Nunez shot looks good form-wise. He also has a high release and decent elevation.


Surely he can miss sometimes, but do you trust your eye or some other unknown poster (after watching one or two videos) over Beilein’s. I’ll give coach the benefit of the doubt.


The great thing about that article is it was written before Levert and DJ went to the NBA. Certainly, at this point, “of course not and nobody else is close” is the only answer to the question: Does anybody get unheralded recruits into the NBA better than Beilein?