2018 - Wing - Adrien Nunez (Commit)



someone mentioned that playing early is a concern for Locke. There are Poole and Brooks just a class ahead of him, both combo guard and elite shooters. I like Locke and have no concern over his size but Locke’s concern over early playing time seems legit.


Yeah, Beilein’s job is to weigh the chances of landing Nunez and landing Locke and gauge their abilities and play the probabilities to fill a need on the roster.


Yup, that was me :slight_smile:


Actually that was Sam. You just repeated it.


Agree. Nunez is kind of player JB rarely misses, not necessarily a star but solid rotation players.

here is the video I watched. very good form and quick release.


In the context of roster construction – particularly having Brooks, Poole, Bradeikis, and DeJulius in '17 and '18 – Nunez would make a lot of sense: shooter with height/size to allow for defensive flexibility. Not that I’d take him over Locke, but having those other guys makes me worry less about which of the two I might prefer in a vacuum.


Agreed. I had started to really love the idea of Locke and was feeling slightly disappointed by the Nunez news. Then I saw someone mention the size of guys like Dejulius, Poole, Brooks, Z (nee. X), and it does make sense to get a bigger/stronger guard in, and one that can shoot the lights off to boot.


It at least follows suit with the Lavert and Stauskas type players at Michigan. I always loved when we have had an oversized playmaker and shooter on the team (acknowledging that Nunez has some development to do with the ball in his hands it may be a few years out)


I’m with you on generally preferring size assuming the skills are in the same ball park. It’s encouraging to hear at least someone thinks that Nunez has top 5 shooting ability because its pretty clear that Locke is an elite shooter. I’d be pretty happy with either guy and CC at this point.


I don’t see Nurez as a playmaker as Staucas and Levert, but he can create his own shots, more as MAAR but more of a shooter less an attacker. Judging from very limited video footage, passing does not seem to be his strength.


At this point, I see Poole and Brazdeikis as the most likely playmakers with size. Poole is 6’4," which is plenty for college. And I think both have a good chance of filling that role.



hunter tyson would’ve been a perfect fit for such a role


Yeah, from limited film, what I saw was his severe weakness at ball handling. He has a few well rehearsed moves (step back) but honestly his path to potentially contributing is excellent 3 point shooting, athletic drives, athleticism, good size, defense (?)and getting his ball handling up to the level of decent. In no way does he appear, to me, to be someone who would be able to play point guard in a pinch. His shot is intriguing though…


Breakdown on the front page has a bit more film including from a couple of adidas events in April. He’s definitely not a LeVert/Stauskas type of creator for others (I don’t see Locke in that role either, really). He is a shooter though.


Given his questionable HS stats (low usage, inefficient from 3), did you get a sense for his 3pt shooting efficiency from the more recent tape?


A lot of what I broke down was from a camp setting (Hoop Group with the weird 3 digit numbers) which is always a bit different. He was basically the #2 option on his AAU team at the adidas events. They had a PG who was the primary ball handler and took the most shots, but Nunez was right behind him then I think they have a 6-foot-3 kid who I believe is going to Stanford on a football scholarship.


How does Nunez compare to Ibi? If they are similar in ability then I don’t get the point of offering him.


What’s the rush? If Nunez didn’t get an offer do we think he’s committing to Penn State in a week?


Ibi is the better athlete and didn’t really prove himself as a shooter last year (1-of-18 from three). Nunez is a shooter, that’ll be his role, but he’s definitely not the sort of athlete that Ibi is.

The big difference, and I think I mentioned this in the post, is that Nunez could probably play the 3 and the 2 whereas Locke is basically stuck at the two because of his size most likely.

A shooter with a bit more size gives you some additional flexibility whereas a 6-foot-2 shooter – think like a Kam Williams – doesn’t give you quite as much room to jiggle with the lineup.