2018 - Wing - Adrien Nunez (Commit)

I guess with Sam’s news that Currie may start looking elsewhere, maybe? @umhoops, think it’s likely?

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Same kid is announcing both. Seems like a planned out thing IMO


They are getting both

we are getting both.

It really does make sense, illinois’ roster Is a pile of junk.

Really confident looking shot. I’m not in love with his game, but I do like that jumper.

I think it is certainly within the realm of possibility. I’ll have video breakdowns for both visitors up tomorrow (hopefully).

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Unsure on Nunez, but this type of recruit is JB’s wheelhouse. He has a pretty strong hit rate on the kids with little to no recruiting profile.

PSU, Boston College, and Texas A&M offered recently. Not a monster list, but P5 offers anyway.

Watched his video weeks ago. This kid is a get, step-back three from NBA range. Kind of recruits that Beilein rarely misses, Novak/MAAR/Dawkins, can play right away on the wing and solid four year player.

I think Baruti came for an official and left without an offer, but that too was a possible late signing situation.


Matt D posting on Mgoblog with endlessmotor link. A few posts down, on the forum, he seems to think we will be adding 2 new players soon. Though, based on the full endlessmotor post, it seems he thinks it is more likely CC and Locke, rather than CC and Nunez. But would appreciate your collective thoughts on ‘reading between the lines’

Referencing Currie.

It will be CC and Nunez. Beilein visited Nunez twice. Read Nunez’ quotes about Michigan. If he gets offered on campus, and he doesn’t hate his time here, he is going to take it.

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I agree. I like it, too. I think Nunez is a better fit and has more upside.

It doesnt seem to me that Matt is making any claim to likelihood of Nunez vs Locke. He seems to think:

  1. Castleton will commit
  2. Currie will go elsewhere
    And then reading between the lines of the MGO post and in his EM post that he hopes that we get Locke but if he doesnt come that we will get Nunez no problem.

EDIT: Looks like Matt could go either way on Nunez vs Locke


If you read through the comments on MGo, he is inclined to prefer Nunez, but hard to say for sure without ever watching him live.

I tend to favor size myself. I am unsure on Nunez. I saw a quote from Cory Evans that he thinks he is a top 5 shooter in the class. I found mostly catch and shoot clips and some drill work where he looks kind of lumbering.

Matt posted a clip on MGo that has more shots off 1 or 2 dribbles. There are a few clips of him attacking the basket on that video too. He looks lead footed on some and really smooth on others. Not knowing much about his background, perhaps he had a recent growth spurt and is adjusting to his new frame?

He is intriguing, and the type that JB doesn’t miss on often.

I haven’t ever been on the Locke train all that much though. I like the length for not being that tall, but just too redundant to Brooks and Poole for me.

So while I am unsure on Nunez, I would rather take a shot on some size than go all in on Locke.

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Nunez might end up great, but I’ll take the kid with a Kansas offer over a pretty much complete unknown. Locke Iggy Johns Castleton(?) would be the best collection of recruiting wins in one class for JB. Add them to Poole Brooks Livers and that’s an impressive string of guys with high profile other offers ending up in maize and blue.


I like Locke too, but I also like Nunez. As for the Kansas offer… If you want a Kansas offer, get a Kansas offer and then a visit is never setup and Kansas isn’t on your final five. Did you really have a Kansas offer?


Ehhhh I get your point but the fact that he even received interest speaks to a level above the “diamond in the rough” category JB has made a living off of that Nunez falls into. Even if you just look at Locke’s visits Florida and Xavier are big time offers.

Locke led the EYBL in most threes made. Shot at a 45% clip. I hear the redundancy argument but to me, Poole Locke Iggy Livers Johns playing the 2-4 spots is a deep, diverse group that can shoot the hell out of the ball.


Locke looks really good to me–especially after you glance at his very impressive stats. If JB is leaning toward Nunez and away from Locke, I guess that might say something really good about Nunez. It is hard not to trust JB’s judgement at this point. (Nunez, imo, has the look of being a great shooter in terms of lift, balance, form, quickness of shot despite not being able to find stats to back it up…)

The key of the weekend, in my mind, is getting CC. Anything else is icing on the cake.


I think that Locke may be leaning against M, more than Beilein leaning towards anybody.

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Yeah, strong possibility, but with everything going on with the corruption and the eventuality of quality guys getting freed up to be re-recruited I think JB trying to secure Nunez ought to signal that Nunez has something that might not be immediately evident…