2018 - Wing - Adrien Nunez (Commit)




streaming link at the bottom


Game should be over by now. What happened?




Short recap on Iggy vs Nunez also Corey Evans must like Nunez as in the second link he mentions him as a small forward who is a perfect fit for the school.




I feel like every jump shot he took was was a swish. His stroke is beautiful.


Beauty of highlights :slight_smile:

End of the day, Nunez can shoot and that isn’t a proven commodity for many players on the roster. I just am not sure how the rest of his game translates immediately.


It would be interesting to see 20 shots or possessions instead of cherry-picking 10 makes.


Haha, of course. I just meant most of his makes didn’t even hit the rim!


The defensive sequence shown in the video seems odd, imo, if it was intended to stand-in as a defensive highlight.

Anyway, his shot is very very pretty!


I think all 5 recruits are good enough to have a rotation role next season; problem is (a good problem) there are 12 individuals vying for an 8-10 rotation. Nunez seems likely not to make the roatation in my humble estimation.


And he can shoot it from deep…effortlessly.


Couple things that stand out to me, his release point is higher than most in high school who most often shoot glorified set shots and he actually jumps when he shoots which means an even higher release. Not to mention his stroke looks great and repeats.


Stroke is beautiful. Lots of potential there. As Dylan correctly notes though, lots of things change at the next level.

I predict he finds meaningful minutes as a sophomore in a role akin to Irvin/Stauskas Frosh campaigns. Getting your shot off, be it off the dribble or on the catch, is insanely more difficult at the D1 level, even compared to competitive high school ball.


And he gets It off pretty quickly. That is the one issue I had with Duncan, he wasn’t ready to shoot when he got the ball. It gave his defender time to recover. And a quick shot makes your shot fake better.


I thought for much of his career Robinson was more reluctant than not ready. Sometimes they had to beg him to shoot.


I agree, he just didn’t have the sniper mentality.


If only he was as confident as Jordan Poole. He certainly has a better shot at this point.