2018 - Wing - Adrien Nunez (Commit)



Yo. Can we stick to Adrien Nunez?


Sure. Do you think he’ll redshirt? Is there a benefit to him redshirting? Or how does him redshirting impact the program in year 5 of the Nunez era? Asking for a friend.


I don’t really see the point in redshirting anyone. I think that Michigan lacks guard depth next year so I wouldn’t redshirt him.


Don’t see the point in redshirting anyone “next year” or “ever”?


Wait, I thought we were sticking to Nunez :wink:


If he’s not going to be in the rotation (as a 2 guard), red shirting is the way to go. We lose nothing but some mop up minutes. We gain an extra year for kid who might not crack the lineup for a couple years. It preserves the option of a 5th year at no real cost. If he can play meaningful minutes or we have an injury, I can see burning the red shirt.


If a guy isn’t going to play at all. Fine, redshirt him. Is Nunez ready to play next year? I don’t know, I would lean maybe not.
At the same time, the roster lacks guys 6-5 or shorter who can shoot so there might be a chance for him.


What about Poole? Also, if we move Eli to 2, he might shoot a good percentage w/o having to carry the PG responsibility. DeJulius is a shooter. If Nunez can contribute meaningful minutes, I’m not opposed to playing him.


Yes. Poole is the guy at the two next year. Brooks is 16 of 52 from the floor. DeJulius needs to be focused on running the team to start IMO.

My point is that the depth chart at the 2 next year looks like Poole and then a big question mark. If there’s a chance that Nunez can bring something there, I think you bring him a long and don’t shut the door on him playing.


If Ibi is still here it is possible that he could be the answer you are looking for at the two.


Yes, Ibi could be another option. He also hasn’t proven he can crack the rotation. Still a lack of proven depth at the 2. I also said up above that I’d be surprised if Charles Matthews doesn’t see time at the two next year.


Yeah at this point, I would bet that Ibi has a better chance than Nunez to find time at the 2. 2 years in the system and strength and conditioning. I hope to be proven wrong though


One thing to consider - Nunez is taking a prep year, so he might already be more physically mature. A benefit to a RS is not just preserving the eligibility, but also that the player gets to spend the year in the gym, lifting weights, etc., even on game days. Below is an interesting article about Villanova, who apparently has six redshirts on their roster – some for medical or eligibility reasons, but some not.

As for Nunez, his shot looks like a thing of beauty and he seems like he’ll be physically more prepared than some freshman, so there may be a spot where he could contribute, perhaps also depending on Brooks and/or Matthews’s ability to slide down or Ibi, etc.

I would caution, however, that just because it didn’t work out (for UM) with Bielfeldt or Donnal w/r/t 5th years doesn’t mean it never does. In addition to the Nova players in the article, Happ and Showalter at Wiscy both redshirted and either contributed or will contribute pretty significantly to their team as RS seniors.


If Charles wants to get to the next level I think he needs to show he can play some at the two. So, I would agree that we may see some of him there. It seems Nunez, while certainly talented and an excellent shooter, is just coming into his own as a basketball player, being that he’s relatively inexperienced having only played since he was, what, 14 years old. If Ibi is still here I think he’ll be given every opportunity, and frankly, I would expect him to be good enough to give us 8-10 minutes at the two. But that might not be enough for him, so who knows what he’s thinking, or who stays and who goes.


Yeah, I never count a Beilein player out. Won’t be surprised if Ibi becomes solid.


I’m hoping Matthews can provide backup to Poole at the 2. I agree with those who think Nunez could be a sniper at the 3 off the bench. If Matthews can just tighten up his handle and decision-making…


Hopefully Matthews can improve his handle to a upper class Zak Irvin level. Irvin would similarly play backup minutes at the 2 on offense (often while still playing 4 on d).



I agree, Matthews will be scouted as a 2-guard in the NBA. That’s the next big element to his game he’ll need to show scouts. And if Livers continues to develop and Brazdeikis & Johns are as good as advertised on the wing, Michigan may need to give Matthews some run at the 2-guard to get the wings their minutes.

Which I guess is my way of saying I’d be surprised if Nunez plays more than mop up minutes next season…but then again those were similar to my thoughts about Eli Brooks this summer


Iggy and Nunez facing off today