2018 - Wing - Adrien Nunez (Commit)



With Duncan you could almost tell within a shot or two in the start of the game what kind of game he was going to have. Some nights it was that reluctancy you mention and other nights (later in the season) it was catch and shoot without hesitation. Those were typically his best outings.


Those highlights are pretty ridiculous. Coach b wins again. That kid can seriously ball. That shot is going to be a nightmare.


Imagine girard and Nunez just running around in 2 or 3 years letting 3s rip at random lol. I was apprehensive about Nunez due to class size/ wanting another 2019 slot but nvm , I’m loving it.


his jump shot should translate to any level, a lot of elevation and high release, and can create space for step backs, only if he can play D


That’s what I’m saying. Quick release, great elevation , squares perfectly.

That being said I hope we can survive without him and redshirt him. If we only have 2 2019 spots I’d like to defacto add one more by redshirting him.

If that’s the case then I’d rather not add girard or possibly watts, although I think rockets got more than girard for what we have.

. A class of say nunez, Carlton and then either Wilson/ Brooks/ or weems would be my ideal look/ goal. I’m thinking Mathews leaves. If that’s the case we then have three spots right?

I’m just nervous about such a large class after what happened a few years ago. Although Doyle and chatmsn were kinda bad fits ( I’ll never get over Aubrey transferring. I was much higher on him than anybody else on here and I am convinced he was much more the prospect we saw frosh year than sophomore year. Also had he not transferred he would have given us exactly what we needed this year. I think I was always harder on Duncan because by adding him I felt like he ran Aubrey out of town as he filled aubreys role. I just think Aubrey was a much more confident and consistent shooter and would have had a huge senior year on offense for us and junior year really. If this staff got Duncan to be a solid defender I’m convinced they would have made Aubrey at least as good if not better as he was much more athletic. Oh well, I’m still calling Aubrey as one of the best scorers in the country the next two years stat wise if he’s healthy. I promise last time I mention him in a rant :blush:)

Nunez will have a similar role to Duncan but I’m predicting he has a better more consistent career. He looks like he’s a much more confident player and he’s been playing too high school ball for a bit. I still think if we can redshirt him it’s the move.

Possibly castleton too but only if Davis is ready to give us 10-15 a game , which I think he will be. Castleton is good enough to play now imo but again if his role is small no reason to burn the year and instead balance the classes. I think John’s or livers as a small ball 5 to supplement Davis and teske is very realistic and I’d like to see that in spurts rather than Colin losing a year playing a random 5-10 every few games.

Imagine an 18 class of

And a 19 class be default of

That would have us set up for years


I can’t imagine some of those guys being here for 4 years.


I really don’t think Nunez is going to redshirt. Too good of a shooter for a team that lacks it.

He may rarely play but he’ll be out there. Truthfully, I could see him widely used if/when teams go zone.