2018 - Transfer - Austin Reaves

If we land Wilson this weekend, it wouldn’t surprise me to see Carton visit and drop sooner than later.

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Looks like the visit is off which is fine with me. He would have fit on some teams in the past, but too many quality targets still on the board with little room at the Inn.

Correct, the move that UM made here is to focus on 2019 targets. I think that’s probably smart given the current roster construction. Will be interesting to see how this summer goes.


Good to see him go out of conference.

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Good luck to the young man. Glad to see he didn’t land at Indiana or Purdue.


I didn’t care if Reaves went to another BIG school. Not like Purdue missed out on Micheal Jordan, besides they might end up getting someone better with the scholarship. They are gonna get somebody after all. As long as M’s getting good players I’m not fretting about who other teams in the conference are getting.

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I can see why, with our scholarship crunch and 2019 recruiting looking promising, this didn’t happen, but when I went on Wichita boards when this seemed possible, I was surprised by how good they though he could be offensively. Wonder if we’ll look back on this as a slight missed opportunity. if one of Iggy or Poole goes pro along with Matthews next year, we’re a bit short on wings.

Might be getting a bit ahead of things there on Iggy/Poole. Maybe not, but sure seems like it :slight_smile:

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