2018 - Transfer - Austin Reaves

We were listed as one of many teams to show interest in the 6-foot-5 shooting guard leaving Wichita State after his sophomore season.

Averaged 8, 3, and 2 and shot over 42% from 3 last season.


With all the departures, WSU would be a great opportunity for Ibi.

Make no sense at all to swap Ibi with this guy.

Why? I didn’t want Ibi gone but this guy started several games for a good Wichita team and scored more per game than minutes Ibi played per game

Ibi is a nice young guy but could never see him doing this…

Austin Reaves seems like a great get for Michigan, at least superficially. But, unlike Ibi, there are questions about the “why”. Reaves already got significant PT with the possiblity of getting a lot more next year. So why leave?

This is pretty impressive. He looks quite a bit like Nunez shooting those threes! :wink:

From what I read, 3 of his best friends had already left the team and he got some stick from the fanbase last year for inconsistent performances.

Other than that, it is a slightly confusing situation. He would’ve been option #1A on offense for them next season.

I watched him play several times last season and I would say he was more advanced offensively than Poole, yet alone Watson. He has a lot to improve on defense though.

I’d take him to replace Matthews in 2019 in a heartbeat even though I don’t think we have much of a chance at him.

More advanced offensively than Poole in what ways?

Mostly due to being more consistent as a catch-and-shoot scorer. I’d say him and Poole are about even at attacking the basket.

Both had some growing pains as they took on bigger roles over the course of the year but Reaves stepped up a bit more in the second half of the season (on a team just as deep and talented as ours) while Poole kinda faded as the year winded down.

We already knew about him, but his name and Michigan brought up again

I don’t want him. Ideally lets swing for the fences in 19 and 20 and go for the guys Michigan has been listed showing interest in.

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Hard pass.

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Agreed. If Michigan wants to take a flyer on a grad transfer, that’s fine. But I am largely in the group of seeing what 19 and 20 bring us unless another Charles Matthews wants to transfer


I’m not against transfers. Beilein has had a lot of success with transfers including D’or Fischer, Mike Gansey, and now Charles Matthews. If he fits and can play, I’d say take him. I understand wanting to get HS recruits and there seems to be some good ones out there but you get what you can get when it’s available.

He’s established himself as a solid contributor in a good program. Only true concern I have is his shoulder. He’s wears a brace on it. Just not something that you want to deal with consistently.

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When has Beilein ever had this much momentum in recruiting? Between the 2018 class coming in, the championship run and the FBI investigation, we should be in great shape. That’s seemingly reflected by the interest shown by some of our top targets. At this point, I’d rather take my chances with them.

One issue is that taking one recruit often helps attract another. A lot of the players know one another and want to be part of a strong class. Taking a transfer like Reaves doesn’t take advantage of that. This feels like a time where we should be aiming higher.


Visiting next week.

Visiting next week.

Ehhhh… I mean, do they still have room for both Carton and Wilson if they take him? Because that’s the only scenario where I’d be okay with this