2018 - Transfer - Austin Reaves

If he’s really 6’5", I’d say we should take him. A rather proven commodity and we get two years of eligibility.

The only thing is that he seems to be a wanderer. Will he split after his junior year if he doesn’t get a lot of PT? That would be my concern.

Reaves seems very similar to Nunez imo. I’m not crazy about adding him to the roster. Like others, I would prefer a couple of the 19’s we are in on. Specifically Carton and Wilson.

If Maxey commits today…probably have to pass on Reaves.

taking Reaves means no Carton.

He will commit today. It just won’t be to Michigan :slight_smile:

Disagree, I think um would still take carton and Wilson. I do think it would be the end of the joe Girard recruitment.

no room at this time, and I don’t think we have room for both Carton and Girard.

Very interesting situation for Coach B.

I think his decision here will give us some insight on where we stand with some 2019’s as well as where he believes some players on the roster stand.

No doubt he coaches have enough film on Austin against D1 competition to make the right decision.

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As good as some of the 19 guys look, JB will always have a soft spot for a proven shooter with solid skills.

It is funny, it almost seems like he was Wichita State’s Jordan Poole last year. Made a lot of plays, but also clear his best basketball was ahead of him.

I played against his brother in college, he was amazing and should have gotten a chance at the D1 level. Glad his brother got a chance.

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I know what he could be here should be primarily based off what he’s shown in college(pretty much just a shooter) but I watched some high school film and he showed some really good off the bounce and passing ability. Certainly more ability in those areas than past shooter type recruits like vogrich, Douglass, Nunez, Robinson did. He’s also a much better athlete than I thought, he was dunking over guys.

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I would definitely be on board with adding Reaves (we need knock down shooters) if you told me we could still add two 2019 recruits in the fall. I was assuming we would sign 2 in the fall (over signing by 1 with the assumption Matthews is gone after next yr) and then see what happens in the spring with further attrition. But, wouldn’t it be surprising to add Reaves now and then two recruits in the fall thus going over by 2?

Listening to Sam Webb this morning on his radio show, he thinks along with his colleagues at Scout that Michigan leads for Wilson and Carton. He wasn’t saying they were locks or anything like that but it sounds like we’ve got a real shot to land both. I think that would be a perfect fall signing and I would hate to see us miss out on that. I know there are quite a few kids we all thought we were going land and it didn’t end up happening but hopefully this year it works out that they can land their top targets.


I wonder if this visit is a result of the coaching staff trying to push a commitment from Wilson or Carton.


Doubtful given the timing. Wilson will be on campus 1 day prior (I believe) but Carton won’t be until summer, and Carton is the more direct competition for the scholarship.

No. Though both are on the clock.

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He also posted on the purdue board that he is hearing it’s between ou and purdue and that the um visit may not happen

That answers the fit question :slight_smile:

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Makes me feel good about our chances with the 2019 guys :sunglasses:


Wouldn’t surprise me if Jalen Wilson indicated that he’s ready to commit and that’s what canceled the visit

That’s usually what this kind of stuff means.


That would be nice if we could land Wilson this weekend. Sam said on his recruiting roundup yesterday that Wilson’s top 3 were Michigan, Baylor and Marquette. I feel better about our chances going up against those schools than Kansas, North Carolina and the Kentucky’s of the world.