2018 Recruiting Notes


Yeah, that’s the only hitch. I actually read the NCAA rules on it. Haven’t delved that deep into it yet, but that caveat was not explicitly mentioned.


Some really complimentary words about DeJulius here.


Update on the class rankings


This sentence doesn’t make sense at all, as they used high school stats to justify the other people’s jumps

Brandon Johns, meanwhile, slid from 67th to 106th, but should have plenty of time to make up ground as he has already averaged 28.7 points and 10.3 rebounds per game for East Lansing High School through three games.


Yeah there a few incongruities. Some of the numbers don’t seem to align either but I am just taking the article as a general trends discussion



He’s anyone read a good explanation on why Johns dropped?? He could easily be the best player in our class and he dropped out of the top 100 on 247? That might be the worst ranking I’ve ever seen for one of our recruits.


Johns is in the top 100.


Saw an article explaining their moves awhile back and while many of our guys’ upswings were because of hot high school starts Johns’ fall was given no explanation with a side note saying he “can boost it up this season.” I know he was injured at some point, that might have something to do with it but I haven’t heard a good explanation for the movement yet.

Also, Johns is 108 on 247, which doesn’t qualify for top 100.


Yeah, I think 247 is the only site where he’s outside, but anything even close is a joke.

I know he was a little banged up to start the year, but thought he played every game and has around 20 each time out.


Weird it says he is ranked 71 and below that it says he is ranked 108. Is the 108 the most recent ranking or something?

Edit: 71 is apparently the composite score.


Everything posted in his updates thread has looked fantastic, seems like one of those weird anomalies that doesn’t really make sense. Castleton also moved down to 131 on the composite from 113 or so which I think happened when the Scout ratings were dropped, but I have no clue how his recent play hasn’t moved that up.


Being from the area I follow all games and have friends and family that have been at his games and there’s been nothing but positive. All video has been great too. Just nuts.


Keep in mind that you’re discussing ordinal rankings, which are relative to other players. So if Player A is ranked No80 and improves his game, he may still fall in the ordinal ranking if guys behind him improve more.


Johns is easily a top 100 player even if the rankings don’t say that. Most those people that do those rankings for rivals, 247 and espn don’t ever actually come to Michigan to watch high school games. I’ve always felt that if kids play ball in Michigan, it’s hard to get real respect from those services because they never come to Michigan so they never usually get a decent grasp of the state’s talent.


Understood. But johns played great in eybl. The CAC generally sucks competition wise right now, so them having someone watch a game against Everett for example and johns goes for 50, I wouldn’t expect a bump in national rankings. He showed out at basically every opportunity the last year or so, so a drop makes less than zero sense.

Was just wondering if anyone saw 247 try and justify.


Great is a strong word. He had a handful of games where he wasn’t good. Consistency is stil one of the biggest concerns for me although he has been getting more and more consistent and was in AAU compared to the year before. I’m guessing 247 watched one or two of his bad games and it left a sour taste. Or perhaps they just aren’t fans of his game. That happens. It’s their opinion, although I think they are wrong and I find it extremely difficult to find 60 players even arguably better than him. Hell I’d push him for top 40 easy when he is at his best. He don’t have that consistency though so putting him in the 50-70 range is realistic for me until he starts showing his best stuff all the top



Go checkout the game logs. He started off great. Scored at a efficient rate and was rebounding well. But the last two sessions he got a lot more inconsistent in both scoring and rebounding. I’m assuming the 247 people watched him during that stretch towards the end of EYBL play. Nonetheless, if they had the time to see him, I think they’d realize he is way too low in their rankings.

But again I think the 247 staff in general isn’t too high on Michigan kids. They have 2019 Harlond Beverly at like 164 and a 3 Star, and rocket watts at 114th which I find ludicrous. They have Weems at 27th, but the majority of the in state Michigan and MSU commits for 2018 are rated lower than the composites as well.


Snow covers the Midwest. I’m not a fan of his.

Regardless, Johns is a top 100 kid (top 80 imo) and there just isnt a reason Loyer should be ranked ahead of DDeJulius. Loyer could be going to UM and DD MSU and I would say the same thing.

Love UM’s class, wouldn’t trade it for any other class in the B1G


100% agree. Although I must say, the Big Ten is pretty lucky that the class many expected Indiana to get a couple months ago fell apart.