2018 Recruiting Notes



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Looks like Miller Koop off the board. Don’t know if UM was ever a serious contender


Northwestern looking like they’re gonna be sticking around for a bit



Things are getting pretty interesting. Not sure what I make of the hard push for Castleton and Horton-Tucker.

A lot of the crootin reporters are pegging Iggy and Locke to UM.

Beilein is either trying to create pressure or some more space will come available after the season.


Beat me to the punch. I couldn’t agree more.


In addition to that I wonder whether he has become more leery of stage dads.


Tried to split this out a bit into Castleton/Horton-Tucker threads.



Chris Collins is doing a hell of a job with that program


So seemed that most people thought a spot is saved for Iggy and then Locke/Ahrens first come first serve. Does Talen go in with Iggy or added to the other guys. Interesting stuff right now and got to think things shake out soon.


I thought most people were assuming one spot was being held for Barrett’s decision and the other spot was 1st come/1st serve?

Too many hot takes to keep up with this summer/fall


My presumption was:

1 spot to Ahrens or Locke

1 spot to Iggy

You take Barrett if he wants in and figure out the rest later

Talen and Castleton feel like added pressure on the 3 main targets and my guess would be if either of them committed on the spot before Ahrens, Locke or a Iggy has made a decision, we would hold the spot for Iggy and say bye to the other two.


Just from how they are as players… I think Iggy and THT are in similar buckets style wise. Both sort of jumbo wings who can shoot a bit, but are really crafty getting into the lane and using their bodies. Not saying that means you take one, both or neither… just that they seem like similar position wise.


Castleton and THT are some phenomenal backup plans


I don’t think you hold open a spot for Barrett. You find a spot for him if need be.


Unless the staff has been told of a guaranteed transfer out, Beilein & Co are already kind of hedging its bets by looking at accepting a 5th scholarship for the class of '18. Wagner is most likely going to turn pro after the season, but that’s not a guarantee. So if UM accepts a 5th scholarship it is over signing by one player…albeit with a high probability that a slot naturally will open.

With Beilein’s squeaky-clean reputation I can’t see him over signing by two players…again, with a caveat about guaranteed transfers. In years where UM has had a potential 5th Yr Senior, I could see Beilein allowing the additional over signing and making the determination on the 5th Year based on recruiting results. But this year UM isn’t in that situation.

Note: this isn’t a would I or wouldn’t I take an action, this is a would Beilein or wouldn’t Beilein go down a certain grey area in the NCAA regulations


Based on the fact that Ahrens and Iggy visited together, and they were quoted after talking about how cool it would be to play together…we can safely assume there are 2 commitable spots offered right now, not counting Barrett. Now if 2 players committed and Barrett still wanted to visit…the hypothetical JB ethics test would get interesting. I can’t imagine he would turn away the #1 player in the county in that scenario but who knows