2018 Recruiting Notes


So this must be what it’s like to be Indiana, MSU, and OSU…



With Iggy on board (wooooooo), who takes the last spot? Or are we going after more than one (beside RJ) e.g. Castleton?


Here’s how the scholarships look at the moment.


I think signing 6 is totally reasonable given that we have at least two early-entry/attrition in past years. More often than not, we do not have 13 scholarship players.


My god I am such a big fan of the Poole, Iggy, Livers, Johns wings


Can a team actually oversign by 2? As much as I want to believe we would could take Castleton and a wing just can’t see JB actually doing it. That means he is assuming 2 guys aren’t going to be in the program next year.


Well, I recall reading an article awhile ago about Louisville under Pitino one year. They had over-signed by three. In that situation, what they ended up doing was convince 3 of their existing players to become walk-ons so that everyone could stay. What was weird in the article, was that all of the players had been walk-ons before, but had earned scholarships, including two seniors and two of their returning starters. The article pointed out that, in this case, they got lucky because the particular players could afford to pay their own way. But is wasn’t like they were scrubs on the end of the bench, all three were key pieces to their roster. Not sayin’ that would work for us, just that there’s often more than one way to skin a cat.


Yeah, if Rick Pitino is doing something having to do with “ethics,” I’m not interested.


There is no NCAA regulation against over signing in basketball — at least none that I’ve been able to find — but with Beilein’s reputation as being the cleanest coach in the biz, I agree with you that it seems unlikely he would over sign w/o a pre-known way out of the bind…and a plan in which the impacted parties know the rules at the front end.

I think it is reasonable to project Wagner to go pro after this season — NBA or Europe. So that reasonably opens one scholarship. If someone else has told the staff he intends to transfer, that potentially opens a second scholarship, but banking on Matthews turning pro at the end of the season seems far-fetched at this point of the year; if he lights it up in Nov/Dec, then the dynamic changes.

I think we’ll have a better read on potential attrition come January – Matthews progress, Watson’s development, Teske’s role. And, of course, the other part of the equation is Class of 2019 recruiting. Does the staff like the options available in the Class of '18 better than the options for the Class of '19? Operating under the assumption of no Wagner in 2018-19, means no Seniors on the roster in '18-19.


Just a wild scenario, so what if Livers takes the Kalamazoo promise for a year which would free up a scholly for next year which gives JB until 2019 to let natural attrition happen.


No. The Kalamazoo Promise only pays tuition–that leaves room and board and fees and books to be paid. There is no reason to expect that Livers, who was Mr. Basketball in Michigan last year, will voluntarily pay $15k to open a scholarship for someone else.


Not sure the relevance of this after the events of last night but…


I think that Beilein still wants to add a shooter to this class, and Kennedy is one of the candidates, in the same category of Locke, Ahrens, and Nuetz. If Locke waits then Nuetz and Kennedy will have their chance to commit. Ahrens probably still wants to be a Buckeye.


I wish I had a penny for every time I’ve heard this suggested.


My question is, assuming we only have 1 spot left (which is a safe assumption without knowing more information), would we be better served picking up a shooting guard type or a 5?

I think you could make a case for either. In '18 our 5 spot could look like Davis, Teske and Currie (Fr). Not many proven commodities there. Our 2 spot could look like Poole, Brooks, and maybe Watson (is he more of a wing?). Again, not a lot of proven players.


That why I said a wild suggestion. Even I didn’t think that could happen. I’m hoping JB has some kind of master plan to be able to take two more.


A wild plan to take two more would be nothing more than Moritz Wagner declaring for the draft and someone transferring, right?


Yeah without speculating specifics, because I hate to do it to kids, we have probably one wing and one big who, at the end of this year, could have spent two years on campus without really playing, who could prioritize playing time over just attending Michigan.

Seems not crazy, I just guess the question is “would Beilein bank on that?”


Nunez! Who’s Nuetz, his long lost German cousin?