2018 - Wing - Talen Horton-Tucker (Target)

First visit for Horton-Tucker

Michigan seems to be really making some behind the scenes pushes here for Castleton (although Illinois and Florida are very strong here) and Talen Horton-Tucker from Chicago Simeon.

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I did notice Horton-Tucker got a crystal ball for Michigan today and I was pretty surprised

We’d be sitting REAL pretty if we got THT and castleton.

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Do we have room for these guys or are they options in case we don’t land 2 out of Iggy, Ahrens and Locke?

We sure do not have room for all of them, but I don’t see Beilein holding a scholarship for anyone other than Barrett. It is first come, first serve. Beilein definitely is more aggressive this cycle.

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Mostly guys that impressed this summer that they are trying to do the leg work with in case things with some of the top targets who have already visited fall through.


@dylan You have been doing a great job of updating the “2018 Recuits” listing, just as soon as these guys pop onto the radar. Much appreciated.


Any chance he gets an offer today?

Seems to me like a power wing. Strong and seems to have long arms but not a lot of lift. Not sure about his quickness. Seems to be a stronger Zak Irvin with better shot mechanics.

Has no trouble dunking, which you could not say about Zak. Probably has some fat to lose, too.

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That’s a little unfair. You know he had a back injury.


Would seem like the Brazdeikis commitment makes it less likely for Horton-Tucker to UM? Just looking at the 2017 & 2018 classes alone, he would seem to be positionally redundant?

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That is what I was thinking… Although it is getting really hard to pigeon hole some of these players and that is a good thing…Ignas and Tucker both seem positionally versatile but it seems like we might ideally want to grab CC or Barrett :slight_smile:

We are sitting pretty at this point, I think.


Yes. I think I wrote earlier in this thread, that there are a lot of similarities between THT and Iggy. Both are bigger wings who force their way to the basket. Don’t see them both going to the same school.

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No surprise, but Michigan out here after the Iggy commit.

Hope he doesn’t go to OSU just to spite us.