2018 Recruiting Notes


Speaking of height, has anyone seen Johns height from any of camps?


Jordan Morgan was listed at 6’8", of course meaning that he was 6’7" at most without shoes. Currie at his current height would likely be listed at 6’9" on an official roster.


draftexpress.com lists 6’6" without shoes in 2015 and 6’7" with shoes with a source of “USA Basketball.” They don’t have data for him without shoes in 2016, but his height with shoes went up to 6’8" so I figure his height without them is 6’7" now. His wingspan is 6’10.5" for those interested in that.


Currie will be 6’9ish or taller when he hits campus in two years. He’s 100% a 5.


I think its looking likely to everyone Nance and Johns will drop. I really want to hold off on Tyson. We’d have two spots, but possibly just one. I don’t think you offer hunter tyson if its potentially the last spot. Sit back and see what happens with Hunter, Iggy and to an extent Locke. Hell If things go really well this year we might lose Matthews and Wagner.

I understand thats getting really ahead of ourselves but I am pretty confident Wagner is a top 25 pick after this year. Hes that talented offensively. If he improves strength and d he could be special. Then Matthews is a real wild card. Obviously its a huge jump, but in terms of raw talent there is not many better talents Beilein has had to work with. Certainly on the level of Robinson, Levert and Nik in terms of raw ability. Does he have the work ethic and skill to pull it off, who knows? I would not be shocked though at all if it occur. I wouldn’t be shocked if he was just a great defender who averaged 9 a game as well.

I am of the belief Iggy is a three not a four, although he could play small ball four. I actually think offensively he can play the two. I might be the only one who sees this but I believe he has better handle than given credit for, shot, and overall perimeter game to play the two as well. I don’t think hes as slow footed as others here and he looks like he can slash and create well. Still slot him as three but could slide to the two. As someone else posted I am ok with X,Dejulius, Eli, and Poole as the back court next year. Ibi can slide over too if need be.

If Nance and Johns drop you have to hold off on Tyson. Too much to lose by not seeing Iggy and Hunter through. I have a good feeling about iggy particularly coming. A class of Dejulius, Iggy, Johns, and Nance would be very good. Possibly best class coming out of high school we have landed. Others have finished stronger but based on pure rankings and potential it would have to be rated the highest no? Four top 100’s. two in the top 40. Impressive and exciting.


Even if Wagner leaves after this season it would be beyond un-wise for Michigan to take 5 freshmen in the Class of 18. It would remove Beilein & Co from recruiting the Class of 19 & the Class of 19 is a strong in-state prep group. UM looks to have a legitimate shot with Weems &/or Watts in '19…each a potential Top50 recruit in '19

Look at the scholarship numbers coming available — 4 after this season, 1 after next season. Even if you project 1 unexpected early departure that ups the number to 6 scholarship slots (I’ll peg the odds at 60/40 that one of Matthews/NBA or Watson/transfer occurs).

We know Beilein loathes over-signing, so…
a 5-man FR class in '18 plus Currie in '19 = 6 scholarships and no room to chase Weems or Watts

Much more logical that Beilein keeps to a 4-man class in '18 & maybe chases a Grad Transfer if Wagner leaves at season’s end. Gives him room for Currie in '19 w/o any “roster gymnastics” and the ability to keep recruiting Weems/Watts heavily w/the expectation that 1 scholarship will come open somewhere.


I agree with this. You take 4 in 2018 and keep actively recruiting at least two more for 2019.


Yeah, Johns is 6-8 with a 6-10.5 wingspan and a 8-9.5 standing reach. He should be measured again at Nike camps this summer I would guess.


Our friends at EndlessMotor released their top 150 rankings this morning. Interested in diving into it if, for no other reason, to see where our anti-rankings friends ranked a bunch of players. It does look like a lot of time and effort went into it



Apparently they’re not high on Nance?


Checking to see if the Michigan targets got the Beilein anti-bump.


No they are not. I think MattD even flat out said on MGoBlog that he wouldnt make their top 150. I remember Matt discussing that potential doesnt have as much value as ability and production in his eyes. His rankings definitely reflect that


Hunter at 30
Iggy at 36
Johns at 44


Beilein is more cautious than some other coaches but I don’t think it’s accurate to say he “loathes over-signing.” Despite the Langford/Battle situation, with the '16 class he took Davis without a clear spot and offered Coffey in the Fall, again with no open spot.
Beilein has adjusted multiple times in his career to the trends of basketball and after the early departures and injuries, we have seen him make every attempt to fill all his scholarships for both '16 and '17.
I’m not sure how this will play out but I won’t be surprised either way. Iggy, Hunter, or Locke might simply be too good to pass on in hopes of getting a similar player in '19.


I’m surprised to see Johns at 44 after repeatedly hearing he is a “60-80 type player” over and over. I trust their evals more than most rankings sites however so thats good he has shot up their list a little bit


To be fair, Johns had a very good spring.


Johns will surprise some folks in college. He is really moving forward in his natural development.


Dejulius 89.
Tyson 137


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Johns, Hunter, Nance and Locke anyone?