2018 Recruiting Notes



Mattd tweeted Bingham killed it at team camp and we are showing interest. Don’t know much about him myself but he’s top hundred. He’s a pf right?_


Brian Snow said that he thinks Johns will wrap up his recruitment before the July evaluation period. He doesn’t even make a guess on where he’s going.


Per umbig11, he’s going blue.


I’ll take Marcus Bingham, Johns, and Nance easily.


If the current 247 composite rankings hold, a class of Dejulius, Johns, Nance, Ignas, and Locke would be 10th in the country and 1st in the Big Ten in 2017 and 11th and 2nd in 2016.


I think we’re getting a little ahead of ourselves with the 5-man class stuff. Wagner first has to go all-in on the draft and that’s not necessarily a done deal. Even if he did, the 5th would have to be a Spring signee.


If Johns were to commit, any chance that impacts Nance’s decision? Is there really a chance we take 3 forwards?


Iggy and Hunter can easily play the three. Johns could maaaybe. Though I think he’s probably strictly a four. Nance would probably be in for. RS and be more ready to contribute in year 2 or 3 much like Wilson.


If Nance is a 4, will we take a 5 in 2018. Or wait until 2019? We could be down to just two 5s in 2018 and zero by 2020.


Already have Currie in 2019 class so I don’t think a 5 is a huge priority in 2018.


Presuming a Johns commit is coming, it’s kind of exciting that we have a string of in-state commits coming this way. Livers, DeJulius, Johns, Currie. Correct me if I’m wrong but I think the 2018 class would be the first in a decade with 2 commits from MI.


Kudos definitely deserved for Saddi Washington.


Re: the 5 – Teske in 16, Davis with RS 17 eligibility, Currie in 19, with Nance as a small ball option in 18, seems pretty reasonable.


If the staff feels good about their chances with Nance and Johns, how do you think that would impact the pursuit of Hunter Tyson? I know he plays a different position but spots would then be limited and supposedly (at least according to Sam Webb this morning), Jerome Hunter is the top target on the board.


So, you see Currie as a 5 at UM, not a 4?


Yes, that’s correct.


I bet Currie grows at least another inch and a half. That would put him at a legit 6’10" or 6’11". No reason not to play the 5, especially in JB’s system


At NBPA he was 6’7.5" right? The staff Views Currie as a 5 though, that’s a viable college center but not really that big?


6-7.5 with no shoes at the end of his sophomore year. He’s a five all the way in my book. Doesn’t play like a four in Michigan’s offense at all.