2018 Recruiting Notes


No one would turn that down.


It is interesting what to do with the additional spots… Johns and Nance are priorities and presumably announcing decisions soon.

Do you take another shorter shooter (Locke) in the class? I guess it depends how you feel about Brooks/Poole as shooters going forward. Hunter is another combo forward and that’s the biggest hole on the roster… Then there’s a guy like Iggy who is more of a scorer or Tyson who kind of does a bit of everything and can probably play a couple different positions. Or try to prioritize a more athletic two guard like Torrence Watson?

Just lots of different things to think about with some of those spots if Michigan can create a bit of positive momentum here heading into July.

For me… I don’t care if everyone is a ‘combo forward’…(You could probably use that label for Iggy, Hunter, Nance, Johns, Tyson, etc.) I just keep taking them all and figure the rest out later. The concern… those guys start seeing a lot of other guys who might play the same position. Have to convince some they are guards :slight_smile:


Good synopsis Dylan. Gonna be fun watching it play out.


Beilein will only take 4 this fall without knowing what the roster looks like in the spring. They could in theory be done by the weekend if they like Tyson/Nance enough to take. They seemingly are willing to take Nance. Sounds like they need to know the plan of action pretty quick. Hunter Tyson seems have a take it on the spot potential.


I don’t know that that is definite. They’ve over recruited in the past (for example when the 2016 class was signed, Michigan had players signed to 14 scholarships) and the Big Ten allows you to oversign by 1.

You have a rising on the roster who basically hasn’t played, a big man who tested the waters this year, a player in Charles Matthews who has next lever aspirations. There are a number attrition possibiltiies.


Yep. Gotta imagine that at least one of those 2014 class transfers was “processed”. What makes the most sense is that we take 5 recruits, and if neither Mo/Charles are good enough to go early, then Ibi moves on.


I really like Hunter Tyson, particularly since he could hypothetically play the 2 with improved foot speed. His ball skills are there. I know some are up in the air on him–but I’d be willing to settle in with a four man class of Tyson, DeJulius, Johns, and Nance by the end of the summer. Perhaps leave doors open for a late 5th commit come Spring based on attrition. I’m knocking on wood over here, but this could be a very good class.


I’ve concluded we need about 8 open scholarships to fit all the guys I want.
I can’t handle this. I miss the days when JB only had 1 to 1.5 targets that he kept tabs on occasionally.


Has everyone written off Ibi as an option at the 2? I feel like between him and Poole there are guys that can fill that role and we can wait to take a player in 19 if there seems to be better options in that class. FWIW I like Locke but would pass Tyson


To be completely honest, I sorta think so. He can definitely make a Beilein jump, but his first year was just so meh.


I am going to be pretty sour if we shut down a recruitment of either Iggy or J Hunter if we panick and take a reach for a 2 guard. I guess I am speaking mostly towards Tyson at this point. We brought in a #2 the past two classes in addition to having other possible viable options to take a reach and offer right now. Maybe I am just being too hard in Tyson…


I would be pretty shocked if that happened. JB has said he’ll over recruit if he has to now after the Langford/Battle debacle. More likely we take Nance and Tyson to cover our bases and then have one spot for Iggy or Hunter. Those guys can play the 3 and we can use another wing since there are two spots.


Where did beilein say he would over-recruit?


Still gotta see him this fall but his first year was rough…


Agreed. I am ok with waiting and seeing a bit more and continuing to talk to him. A spring 18 offer when more things are settled would make me feel tremendously better


“I think it’s a very dangerous territory to go and over-sign or over-commit. It’s a very dangerous territory. It deals with some issues that I’m not comfortable with. However, you also have to be flexible in that area.”

And there’s the fact that we recruited four men in the 2016 class before Dawkins, Doyle and Spike departed.


I’m looking forward to seeing a Beilein jump this year for Ibi.


I’m not sure either '16 or '14 show a willingness to over-sign by Beilein?

In the Class of '16 it was widely reported — and I’ve yet to see a place where it was refuted — that Davis was a “flex recruit.” In the Class of '16 if a spot opened up (as it eventually did) or go a prep year and join the Class of '17 if a spot didn’t materialize. With 1 unused spot rolled over and 2 SRs (Caris & Spike), Beilein had 3 spots open; so accepting a 4th with a known “if/than” stipulation seems like a big difference than what’s being proposed for Class of '18/Class of '19 recuiting.

In the Class of '14 — Beilein had 2 unused scholarship slots plus Morgan graduating & Horford as a 5th yr option. He signed 4 in the early period, so no over-signing there. Also, GRIII was “more likely than not” gone to the NBA at season’s end and when Stauskas started playing like a departure candidate Beilein heavily opened the door to spring recruits — adding Dawkins & MAAR after the UM season wrapped up. And then accepting the DRobinson transfer in August — well after McGary’s NBA departure created that scholarship slot. (plus all along Beilien had in his back pocket the option to slide Hatch direct to medical hardship, though he really did not want to go that route — and ultimately didn’t have to for that season)


In '16, after accepting a commit from both Davis and Watson, already putting them one over, Beilein offered Coffey in the fall. Around the same time Davis said that Beilein had told him he would not be prepping. There was some speculation that Watson could be asked to prep, but they definitely needed attrition to get both and more attrition had Coffey committed.
My take from the last few classes is that it has to be a fairly elite player and that Beilein needs to feel like he has some sense of who might be leaving for the NBA or transferring.


No Michigan offer and apparently not waiting around.