2018 Recruiting Notes

Hope so. It never made sense to me that he would wait until Winter. He doesn’t seem like a potential one-and-doner. Maybe he realized that the game of musical chairs is on and he better take a seat.


I hope you are right.

Says he is talking with the staff about a potential visit, guess it is a backup plan if the other recruits visiting before go elsewhere. Wish he was a higher priority.

Also has it been confirmed that Iggy will be on campus this weekend?

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UM now out of the Tyrese Haliburton race

Maybe a good sign that the staff is optimistic on the top targets


Love how quickly he gets his shot off, especially from the bounce. Brings the ball pretty low in his shot, but certainly looks to be a shooter. Really curious how JB’s current squad is leading to his recruiting practices. That recent article on the front page describing our shooting situation highlights the differences of this current team and may be influencing how and who JB recruits

He’s got a bunch of high-academic offers: Brown, Yale, Dartmouth…maybe a preferred walk-on?

247 says he has a Penn State offer, thus I doubt preferred walkon. I like his film, plus I like his size.

Here is another article. http://elevatehoops.com/portfolio/from-nothing-to-something-adrien-nunezs-stock-has-exploded/

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Looks like Miller Koop off the board. Don’t know if UM was ever a serious contender

Northwestern looking like they’re gonna be sticking around for a bit

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Things are getting pretty interesting. Not sure what I make of the hard push for Castleton and Horton-Tucker.

A lot of the crootin reporters are pegging Iggy and Locke to UM.

Beilein is either trying to create pressure or some more space will come available after the season.