2018 Recruiting Notes


Definitely more excited about Conditt than some of our other recent offers/interests. He’s got the frame


Haha, DJ Wilson part deux:

Makes all the sense in the world for this kid to come here, given the development that DJ Wilson had.


I know it seems like I am being argumentative but I really don’t see DJ part 2. Their body type is similar. They have a similar awkwardness to them. But DJ appeared, from his high school videos, to have much much better technical skills and athleticism. Not even close regarding the technical skills. I see Conditt as a potentially good project, however, who might end up being over 7 foot–so there is that.


He would definitely be a center for us IMO. I know from people he talked to on his visit here(Illinois), before we contacted him, the words “want to go to Michigan” came out of his mouth. Obviously Barrett and ignas are takes over him but I’d take him over anybody else we have offered. Very high upside.


Very interesting. Thanks.


Nice to see Coach Yak working the Illinois connections.


Maybe the coaches know about potential defections from the roster after this season?

More directly, if Davis passes Teske on the depth chart and the staff fawns over Currie, and Livers/Johns look like short-term & long-term options at the “4-spot” … perhaps Teske opts to leave for a program where (in that scenario) he feels he could be a better fit — and since he still has a red shirt year, he could do so without sacrificing long-term eligibility. Without Teske in the fold, I could see UM back in the market for a 3rd C.

Again, just spitballing based on potential speculation as to why UM would kick tires on C


I forgot about Currie too. That lends more credability to your idea. I still think another big is a hard sell. Need a slasher and a guard or both in one bad.


2018 PF from Father Lopez Catholic in Daytona Beach, FL.


I saw that he had a composite ranking from 247 of #108.

I think that is crazy.

Go get this kid.


Weird we are starting to look at 5 spot players. My guess, Teske not fitting. Or Iggy is trending the wrong way.


It could simply be that these 4/5s are kids they want to get involved with in case they miss out on Iggy or if they think these kids are too good to pass up. Since Beilein tends to always be talking with a few under the radar kids, I wouldn’t assume that it means much about any of the current players or other recruits. September is going to be interesting.


Odd geographic distribution. Lives in Florida now, but must have some MW connections.


Conditt is announcing his official visits at 7pm ET. we hopefully make the cut.



So, you are implying that Iggy would play the 5?


This quote here is interesting to me. Not the typical Beilein mantra. He wants guys knocking down the door not the other way around.


Nope but suggesting a 5 Has become a late interest, thus maybe movement on the roster and/or Iggy not trending well.


Answering my own crap, maybe roster looks better than they thought, Iggy who knows, but if a 5 leaves, they feel a need to fill now.


If you want to put a negative spin on things, maybe the coaching staff is becoming disappointed with Davis, Teske and Currie. Just saying…