2018 - PG - David DeJulius (Commit)


But nobody has said you can’t use EYBL to say who is the better player. Only that you shouldn’t when discussing Mr Basketball


Not Wrong. Not right.

“Why are we bringing up EYBL stuff? Lol.”—Wolverine3


But the central discussion is re: Mr Basketball. The first to bring up EBYL was the guy arguing for Loyer as Mr Basketball and others just said that it’s irrelevant because we are talking about a HS award


You guys know more than me, but Johns looks like a guy who could be NBA-ready in two years. He’s already as physically mature as lots of college juniors and seniors. The voters are hopefully going to decide based on what these kids have accomplished, but if I’m looking at who’s the best player straight up. . .


All I know is I think we got the right two in-state guys. Wouldn’t trade them for any of the others even if we had the chance.


Yep. Completely agree. Glad we got the two we did. And not just because I’m an ‘M’ grad/fan. There are a few guys we recruited that ended up green whom I still wish had gone our way. But in this case, I think we’re good.



All you need to do is go back and read the thread. Mgoblue83 references the EYBL directly after a poster claims that DD is the better player and that it is not even close. MGoblue83 is challenging the very strong claim that it should be obvious to everyone (who is not a biased Loyer Fanboy) that DD is the better player. Bringing in outside reference points to attack that sort of strong claim is normal and in bounds as you yourself have admitted. What is the problem?


Hey guys, I was trying to squash this not encourage people to re-litigate the old posts before I posted the warning.


If you had taken the time to see what I was responding to you would have read that it was in reference to the comment that was made not just about Mr. Basketball but about how he would take Dejulius now and in the future and then he pointed to one game this season while completely ignoring their head to head matchup in eybl. That’s why it was brought up. As for the guy who thinks they’re equal shooters and that Loyer is a stand still shooter… You obviously have never seen him play.

As for Dejulius comments by @slyboogie2 I agree that Simpson won’t be easy to displace as a starter. I don’t know if I’m as confident as you in him fixing his shot because his mechanics still aren’t great but he’s become a better passer, has started doing a nice job running the break and has been excellent on defense. If you have 3 or 4 other guys who can score around him I really like what he brings. Then you bring in a guy like DD who can provide offense with the 2nd group where he can get more looks.

I don’t know how small JB is willing to go but you have Poole playing a lot of 3. I wouldn’t be shocked if DD played the 2 and like Maar take over PG duties in some situations.


Shifting gears a bit—If I could take two of the three players I would take DD and Johns—so that worked out pretty nicely for us, imo. But Loyer is a damn good HS basketball player.


Key words being high school.


Dejulius with an unfortunate quick exit in the playoffs.


Time for Ann Arbor


Only upside - may give him quite the chip to work with all summer. Could be a very good thing.


Not a shocker. Western is pretty good.


Actually Detroit Western is really bad this year. This is the worst team they’ve had in awhile. Their record as of today is 7-9 after yesterday’s win. However, they do have one of the best coaches in PSL History in Derrick McDowell. He is a brilliant X and O’s coach and always gets the best out of his teams no matter their talent level. They also have a 6’8 2018 named Tray Jackson who’s a special talent. Jackson had 8 or so mid major d1 offers but is choosing to do a post graduate season at Sunrise Christian next season. Jackson is also playing with Meanstreets in the EYBL. That is where Brian Bowen & Isaiah Livers played their final AAU seasons.

Beside Jackson, Western is pretty bare talent wise. They have some potential but none of the kids are level d1 talents. McDowell does get them to play tough defense though. I heard Dejulius only shot like 4-16 yesterday. Jackson had 27 & 12 rebounds.

It will be interesting to see what happens with Jackson’s recruitment this summer. He could turn into a high major player. He was extremely young for the 2018 class and has improved a ton since July.


Yesterday’s Freep said East English might have trouble getting by the opener. They got that one right.




I’m guessing they drink a lot of Gatorade in Clarkston! :grinning: Seriously, congratulations to the young man. There are some excellent players in Michigan this year and he certainly is one of them.