2018 - PG - David DeJulius (Commit)


Not sure how high school awards work, is that Mr. Basketball or just an independent thing?


Independent I believe. More often than not though in recent history they are given to the same player.

2017 - Isaiah Livers won both
2016 - Cassius Winston won both
2015 - Deyonta Davis won both
2014 - Yante Maten was GPOY and Deshaun Thrower was Mr. Basketball
2013 - Derrick Walton was GPOY and Monte Morris was Mr. Basketball
2012 - Matt Costello won both


It’s a different award than Mr. Basketball, but as Buckets said below, oftentimes the same player wins both. With DD’s team being out, I’m guessing Loyer has the upper hand on the Mr. Basketball Award, but I’m still holding out hope for Brandon Johns. Don’t know if the coaching fiasco in East Lansing will have any effect on that.


I wouldn’t think that would impact people’s decision on Johns, at least not negatively.


Not trying to side track the thread but Yante Maten was extremely under rated coming out of HS. No idea how a big man who was a polished product in HS could get overlooked by Big Ten teams like he did. Had a nice career at Georgia. His size probably doesn’t translate into an NBA career but I’d think he gets a shot with a team this summer.


No, I would certainly hope not, but not sure how far EL will go in the tournament with the coaching upheaval.


I see your point. I’m pretty sure the voting ends a week before the announcement of the winner. So Monday would be the cut off. East Lansing plays a .500 Waverly team on Friday for the district title but they barely beat them just recently, right after the Finnamore stuff went down. Could be a close game again.


I could see Johns getting some votes from people wanting to show support for Finamore.




Johns finished 2nd in voting, Dejulius 3rd. Both 1,000 points back


Loyer, a 6-foot point guard with a 3.96 grade-point average who signed with Michigan State, received twice as many first-place votes from members of the Basketball Coaches Association of Michigan as any of the five finalists, totaling 3,691 points.

East Lansing’s Brandon Johns (2,792 points) and Detroit East English’s Village’s David DeJulius (2,542), who both signed with Michigan, finished second and third.


Use it as motivation.


Vote not even remotely close.


Michigan Mr. Basketball: Clarkston’s Foster Loyer wins in runaway vote


Wow! This Loyer kid must be one helluva player to get so many votes from BCAM members, 90% of whom have probably never seen him play! :smile: It really will be interesting to see how he does head to head against DD when the two meet at the college level! I mean he’s got to dominate DD, right? :rofl:


Loyer is a great player and tremendous student. He embodies all that is good about HS athletics.

The fact that he ranks so highly in the MHSAA record book and has already won a State class A championship is a testament to his work ethic and drive.

The kid has had a storied career at a great big time school.

Whether his HS exploits transfer to the next level is open for legitimate concern and debate.


Yeah I’ve got no issues with Loyer winning. He’s deserving.
I will say Johns, DeJulius, didn’t have a chance of overcoming Loyer’s tremendous advantage heading into the season. Kudos to Loyer.


It’s pretty sad for the other students competing that Michigan’s Mr. Basketball seems to be a lifetime achievement award.


If that’s the criterion I have no problem with that. And it probably shouldn’t be about who projects better at the next level(s).