2018 - PG - David DeJulius (Commit)


Have you seen the Patriots’ receivers lately? What an awful example.


Or their defense


Brady has no talent around him. They just 7 or 8 guys to the pro bowl every year. And EEVP has no talent besides Dejulius. Got it.


The one that was 5th in points allowed. What an awful defense. 5 out of 32, not sure how they ever won a game. Top 10 in points allowed every single year Patricia ran the defense. How horrible.


Tom Brady just threw for over 500 yards and lost. Pats defense for several years now has been total bend but don’t break, relying on getting lucky in the red zone.


Yeah, if you round 4 up to 7 or 8 they sure have gotten 7 or 8 pro bowlers the past couple seasons. If you have to lie to make your point why make it?


Here you go… http://www.bostonherald.com/sports/patriots/2017/12/patriots_pro_bowl_selections_the_lowest_in_last_9_seasons

Pretty sure he didn’t win 5 super bowls in one season.


Anyway, this is a dumb.argument now that we’ve moved on to the Patriots, and this is clearly quite personal to you. If it’s close, M fans will go against the MSU player and for the M player. You did say earlier it was arguable, and that’s all we need to decide the MSU player sucks haha.


Fair enough, I’ll accept that.


Yes, 3 other pro bowlers each of the last two seasons, seasons in which the Patriots won the super bowl and were runners up. Not 7 or 8. Thanks for confirming. Tom Brady has done more than any QB in the history of the NFL. There’s been many NFL quarterbacks with better surrounding casts who haven’t done what he has. I know very little about Loyer, which is why I haven’t been commenting in here, but I’m pretty sure he hasn’t accomplished more than any player in the history of Michigan high school basketball. Even if he had, it would be moronic to give him an award that is supposed to be based on one year due to past successes. Tom Brady won’t get the MVP next year if there’s a better player despite his accomplishments in the past. Again, what an awful analogy to use.


The Patriots didn’t win the super bowl this year, the Eagles did. And I think you’ve entirely missed the point. Tom Brady gets all the credit for his teams success and is considered the best because of his team’s success. But using that argument with Loyer was illogical. That was the point.


Are… are you not aware of what the term “runner up” means? Goodness gracious.


You’re point is well taken. Brady has won without any talent around him ever in his entire two year career.


Since when does David DeJulius play for the patriots?


Let me summarize. The best players don’t help their teams be successful unless they play or played at Michigan. Then the team is only good because of said Michigan player. Again, don’t point to team success as an indicator of individual talent and success because there is no correlation (besides the Michigan factor).


Hey @mgoblue83, we get that you are a big Clarkston guy. We get how you feel about Foster Loyer.

Hey everyone in this thread talking about the Patriots. Nobody cares please get back on topic to discussion about DeJulius, his game, his fit, his role, whatever else.


I’m sure it would be nice for DeJulius to win the Mr. Basketball award, but regardless, he looks like a real competitor with a wicked crossover, step-back jumper and a strong kid. Seems to have decent vision and I could see him having a similar career and role and game to Derrick Walton. He will make our roster better and PG competition better. I see him as better than Eli Brooks. With him and Simpson and Brooks, I think Michigan will have some of the best PG play in the B1G.


Thanks Dylan.


GC I agree DeJulius’ game I think will fit right in with JB’s pick and roll pick and pop sets. I think his handle may allow him to get where he wants and make plays for his teammates and himself. If his defense can get up to speed at the college level then he will see the floor sooner than later.


When I watch DeJulius I don’t see a guy who gets where he wants; I see a guy who can get separation and get his shot off. More like Jordan Poole. Do not read this as criticism; it’s a commentary on his game, and of course I could be mistaken; never seen him play live.