2018 - PG - David DeJulius (Commit)


If they base on who the best player in the state is, and it’s between Loyer and DeJulius, Loyer isn’t close to DD.

It’s silly to try and argue otherwise.

If they base it on LY state title and “credentials” Loyer May win.

To me, it should be about best player… period.


Some years are worse than others. Politics do come into play unfortunately. Ray McCallum Jr was a McDonald’s all-american and finished third in the vote. Too many other examples to mention. Could be headed down that same road this year. Just have to take it for what it is.


That is my take on Mr. Basketball. It should be based on the best player period. Regardless of a players team situation.


With these votes a certain amount of intellectual laziness–as well as favoritism–often figure strongly. But I like the idea that two of the three top candidates are ours.


Is the list of finalist out?


What is your definition of best player? If you don’t think it’s close I’d question if you’ve ever looked at what Loyer has done not just last year but this year. DD won the one head to head matchup in December, but if we look at other common matchups.

EEVP W 80 to 71 Clarkston (Neutral Site)

EEVP L 86 to 72 Hazel Park (N)
EEVP W 62 to 53 Pershing (H)
EEVP W 68 to 65 Pershing (A)

Clarkston W 84 to 50 Pershing (N)
Clarkston W 70 to 39 Hazel Park (A)

Don’t you think if DD was clearly the best and if it wasn’t even close of a race that DD and his team would be head and shoulders better, and shouldn’t they be winning PSL titles with him? I think it’s disingenuous to say it isn’t even close. And while I know DD numbers are likely quite good, Loyer’s are going to be on par or better. As BP has said, it should be a close race between Loyer, DD and Johns and for good reason, they’re all very good players. Any argument that the team success shouldn’t play a role I really question, as I think it’s pretty rare that the best players don’t win games, especially when EEVP had a Mr. Basketball candidate last year as well. The best players in the NBA are typically on the best teams, the best players in college are typically on the best teams, the best players in HS


I don’t live in Michigan and never have so I’m not familiar with the strength of the programs, but how does Loyer being on a better team have anything to do with him as an individual player? The best player is not always on the best team. Loyer has former commit Currie on his team, correct? Does DD have any other D1 players on his team?


Sound like discussion about the best team and not the best player. They’ve all had great seasons individually. Regardless of season I think Brandon Johns is the best talent. That does not mean he should be Mr. Basketball. When you try to equate who beat who by how much and where does not take into account schedule and other factors. Just creating factors to help prove a certain point.

I am sure the award means a lot to high school athletes. It certainly doesn’t mean/guarantee the winner will be successful at the next level.


DD transfered to East English because of their basketball talent. He will be the 3rd Mr. Basketball candidate from the school in three years. He’s not playing with a bunch of scrubs. Loyers stats will be as good as anything DD has put up. As for the team aspect, that’s a differentiator. How many votes did Anthony Davis get for MVP last year? As for the Currie comment, have you seen him play? There’s guys on eevp I’d take over him right now.

So when you have three guys who have put up very good numbers what are you basing your pick on? Future potential or what they’ve done to this point in their career?


EEVP basically has

2018 Zavon Godwin who is a 6’3ish D2 prospect.
2019 Tariq Sheperd who is 5’11ish low D1 prospect

And that’s pretty much it with 2020 Jayshawn Moore possibly being a prospect in the future. And the key part is that they have no bigs…at all. And by comparison Clarkston has a lot of big guys, they are a much more balanced team. And the thing with MHSAA basketball is that just getting any size allows you to dominate.


I’d take Dejulius over Loyer all day… for Mr. Basketball, for college and for his future basketball success. Loyer is a nice player at a great HS program. Saying DD is better isn’t a knock on Loyer. DD bested him head to head this year and I think he will do so for the next four years too.


Spot on ski…i like how this will play out!


Again you’re going to pick one game where DD didn’t miss for a half and use that for the argument. What’s your argument for him winning Mr. Basketball? I like what I see from Dejulius but you’re crazy if you can’t see what Loyer has done as being deserving. Hell if you want to go head to head go look at EYBL. Wasn’t even close. And Loyers numbers were night and day better than DD. I get liking dejulius, what I don’t get is the hate for Loyer besides the fact he’s going to MSU.


You are a Loyer fanboy. Others clearly disagree. Loyer couldn’t guard Dave H2H. You said you know the kid. You are clearly biased. Why don’t you just leave it at that?


And dejulius couldn’t guard Loyer. Go look how the head to head went in eybl and tell me who won that matchup. Dejulius is stronger and Loyer is a better shooter. Loyer has as good of a basketball IQ as you’ll find. You’ve got Michigan blinders on which is fine, you can be a ‘fanboy’ too and keep pointing to nothing in your argument.


You haven’t convinced anybody either. You’re obviously biased. Which means it’s going to ring hollow to others when you try to say they’re biased. Your argument rests on Loyer’s team performance and his past accomplishments. DD supporters claim the H2H matchup and his team being smaller, with fewer college prospects.

Personally, I think it’s a toss up, probably leaning toward Loyer because most voting for these things is usually based on who was known by the general public the longest.


I am not sure where this people are slamming Loyer stuff is coming from but have at it. He’s a good player playing in a great program with a great high school coach. DeJulius is a good player playing in a program he is helping lift up. I see where this is going and I’m going to get off this particular topic right here.


It appears that some can’t differentiate between a team vs individual award and a season vs career award. Mr Basketball is about one individual season.


And the same people here saying that the team doesn’t matter will call Tom Brady the GOAT. Funny how that works.


I wouldn’t exactly call the Patriots loaded with talent besides Brady and Gronk