2018 - PG - David DeJulius (Commit)


Lots to like about DeJulius. The limiting factor for him (in terms of absolute ceiling) could be speed and verticality. His ability to shoot off the dribble and his creativity should mitigate some of those concerns. I think he could play alongside Brooks for sure, and probably Simpson as well.


If i’m Not mistaken, the Freep preseason high school special pegged Clarkston as the top team and Loyer as the favorite for Mr. Basketball.


I was shocked at Currie’s lack of … everything LA. Lack of footwork, aggression, athleticism, B-ball IQ. He could barely rebound.

If you told me he was a prized recruit for Madonna, I would have believed you. He got blocked 4-6 times by players 3 inches (at least) shorter then he. I couldn’t be happier we went down a different path.



Beecher is missing Malik Ellison from the last few years. Ellison is undersized G but can fill up the score sheet. I know some see him as a ball hog but when Beecher won 3 straight state championships, there’s not much to argue with it. Ellison is at EMU and looks like he is having some PT in his freshman year. I believe EMU was the only D1 school to offer him a scholarship.

Beecher needs Terry to mature and grow up in a hurry if they want to make it 4 straight years but Terry is only a sophomore so he has time to get back on track.


Beecher won’t win it this year. I think Detroit Edison (DEPSA) and Pershing are both way ahead in C this year. Also, Dansville, Manton, Calvin Christian, Covenant Christian and Glen lake to name a few are all really good in C and can compete with Beecher this year. I think Beecher is a top 5-8 team in C, but the gap between the top 2 and the rest talent wise is quite large.


Wait, Pershing is in Class C?!?!?


David Dejulius’s December highlight reel done by a buddy of mine who also for Prep Hoops Michigan.


Also, if you guys have a YouTube page, go subscribe to EricGetsBuckets . A lot of the film I post on these threads are from him. He works with me at PHM. Best film guy in the state right now. He covers all the top big name prospects and teams, as well as some very good small college players and under the radar teams and players. No Clarkston highlights from him unfortunately. He wasn’t at that game filming. He was filming Brandon Johns and East Lansing that game.


Detroit East English’s Dave DeJulius shoots into Mr. Basketball race



I get the impression that Loyer will be winning that award irrespective of who the best player in the state is


And that wouldn’t be terrible for us, right?


Extended feature on East English vs. Clarkston

(dang, read the whiteboard on Currie, ouch)


What a cool video. Not gonna lie those 4th quarter rock him back and forth step back threes were very Burke-vs-Kansas-esque…


I haven’t made it to the 4th quarter yet!



For reference: Orr is a high-ranking Chicago team.


90 points and 18 threes in last two games.

Prep notebook: David DeJulius soaring with East English