2018 - PG - David DeJulius (Commit)


This kid is going to be a stud


Man, Dave’s senior highlight tape is just gonna be 30 minutes of him hitting pull up threes in a defender’s face…


Here’s video from his 41 point game a couple of days ago too, since I didn’t see it posted.



If he puts in the work in the offseason, this kid will really contribute. That was impressive.


this is impressive, our back court will have some depth next season. Beilein will have a lot of flexibilty with the line-up


He has some really deep range, nailing 3s from way behind the arc


He was beating double teams with ease. Great first step. Fast in transition. Keeps head up. Wow.


For as much heat as he took/takes on this board we should give credit to former regular contributor Matt D for projecting DD being this kind of player. I have to admit that I didn’t see it at first and thought he was just hyping up one of his guys. Hope it translates and glad to have him heading our way.


I have been thinking about MattD the past few weeks and wondering what his thoughts were about David’s senior season so far. As I recall, MattD was high on David, thought he was a good get for Michigan, but didn’t think he was especially athletic and would be a solid D1 player, but not elite. Has he altered his opinion at all?


I’m trying not to comment on here anymore Sane, but I agree with you 100%, as I almost always do. One frame I was so impressed with was when he was double teamed and easily found his open teammate for a three. He has the ball on a string and he’s almost a magician with it. He can stop on a dime, freezes his defender, and then he blows by his defender or hits that awesome step back three of his. He IS surrounded by some pretty darn good players, but guess what, he will be surrounded by much greater talent next year. I agree, WOW! I am pretty excited about young Mr. David Dejulius and the opportunity to watch this extremely talented young man for the next four years!


I wish Matt D would come back and post more.


MattD has David ranked 93rd. Don’t know when his latest update came out, but I wonder if Matt’s final rankings will reflect Dave’s awesome senior year, and that, perhaps, he will move up. Top 60? Top 50? I think so, but I’m no MattD, so I’ll be interested to see his end of the year rankings. By the way, he has Iggy 29th, and Brandon Johns 43rd. Not that rankings matter, but I do trust Matt’s eye for talent.


Matt D didn’t know squat but his evil friend had some real insights :slight_smile:


That could happen to any of us!


I loved how confidently and aggressively he attacked them. He wasn’t going through them on some wishful thinking and some luck. He was going through them like they were a nuisance and he had places to be.


Hopefully doing a DeJulius video breakdown like we did on a couple of the commits this summer shortly. Stay tuned.


My sense is that Dejulius is outpacing MattD’s projections.


DeJulius has the one attribute that we so desperately need. He can shoot off the dribble. Wow.


But, can he play defense? Has anyone seen him live?


Like most freshman he will have to learn to play college defense. Work on his quickness and learn to keep moving his feet. I have know doubt about his strength as he is well built solid.