2018 - PG - David DeJulius (Commit)


Agreed that is probably the most likely outcome. DD’s ball screen game and shooting off the dribble just seems so tailor-made for JB’s offense, if his game translates quickly and the speed adjustment isn’t too much for him I could see a scenario where he ends up pushing Brooks off ball for all his minutes at the 2 spot and it’s a real battle with Z for the primary PG minutes.

I was a huge fan of Loyer and until now frankly I was really disappointed he was a Sparty commit, much like I was when we ended up with Simpson over Winston but all this recent film has completely flipped my opinion. I think Dejulius is going to be a monster for us


I think M will have 4 players playing guard position next season.
I don’t think pigeonholing a guy as a 1 or a 2 accurately reflects the situation.
Poole can also play a wing and there are wings who can play some guard as well.


My point of pigeonholing them is that I don’t think we will ever see Simpson and Dejulius on the court together. If Dejulius was to redshirt, as someone stated was the best case scenario for the short and long term future of the team, then Brooks would have to split minutes with Simpson as he is doing this year. If Dejulius is good enough to play, then I think Brooks still plays a big role, but instead of a 50/50 split with Simpson as we are seeing now, most of Brooks’ minutes could come alongside Simpson/Dejulius


The thing to consider is that Michigan but have an abundance of depth (not all that proven, but players) at the 1 and a big hole to fill at the 2. A lot of people pegging Jordan Poole there, but either way… MAAR leaves a huge 35 min/night hole to fill.


Aside from Jordan I could see Charles sliding to the 2 with the talent we’ve got at the 3/4 (here and coming in) and then I could see Eli getting some run there as well. Maybe DD gets a little clock there as well. If they both play like we think they could Eli and DD could be a pretty nice offensive back court. Small but that’s not a huge problem in many games.


Should be interesting to see how this plays out. Lots of depth here, Ibi might get some time and anyone who can score the three ball and not turn the ball over. Would love to get into a practice next year and watch these kids battle. If Charles blows up in the tournament…I think he jumps. Rest assured the guards will really get better next year with quality practice players.


Terry is a 2020. Michigan is heavily pursuing Rocket Watts though, who is a 6’2 PG/CG. Great player. Right now it seems like Terry could be dropping off the radar a bit. Flint Beecher has had 2 or 3 big games, and Terry struggled mightily in all of them, and Beecher got thumped. In particular Cass Tech. Against UD Jesuit last week, he had 10 turnovers alone and Beecher lost 38-37. He only had 7 or 8 points as well. Right now I’m thinking Michigan should prioritize 6’8 Isaiah jackson at Old redford & Carlos Johnson, a 6’6 Forward from Benton Harbor. Johnson is extremely similar to Romeo Weems, who’s a 2019.


One thing is for sure, with David and Poole on the team, nobody will ever have to worry about end of shot clock situations. Those two can get up a tough shot and make them.

Seems like a miniscule positive but with Beilein’s tempo it comes into play. These two will be a big plus there.


Is Watts a real possibility? I know that we are pursuing pretty hard but always heard that he was pretty much stuck on MSU


A good point and not minuscule at all, imo. Part of the struggles after being spoiled by Morris, Burke, Stauskas, and Caris came precisely from not having that guy. Simpson and Brooks did not arrive with that ability. DeJulius looks like he will.
Iggy should be able to get his own as well.


I think MSU is the favorite but Michigan has really made him a priority in 2019. Right now he looks like the #1 target for Michigan’s staff. They’ve put a lot of work in on him the last couple months and i think they are gaining ground. But right now i still think MSU. He also can play the 1 or 2 potentially with his shooting ability.


Forgot about Iggy too!

Dejulius’s highlights always look impressive because he’s hitting high level shots already. Just a matter of how quickly he gets comfortable taking those in college.


Thanks for the info. Any idea where we stand with Watts, Weems, and Beverly, and with the 2020 kids?


I love highlights, but every Michigan recruit looks like a potential instant impact player on those most of the time. I struggle to know if Dejulius will make an instant impact next year. I would love that personally if he made a instant impact if it truly improves Michigan’s team. Potentially, the next few years could mean Michigan could be national title contenders if all these recruits develop as like some of Belein’s best, and they are as good as we are all hoping.

At the same time, I would also LOVE it if Michigan could redshirt Dejulius. I think Dave will be a great player for Michigan even if he don’t redshirt and plays right away, but an extra year to develop under Belein and Camp Sanderson would be amazing as well. He already has a mindset and routine that is better than most or all of Michigan’s current players, and a extra year with top facilities and trainers and coaching would be scary. Either way, I think Michigan is sitting in a really good position with Dave, especially after seeing what he did last night to Michigan’s top high school team and a pair of future Big Ten players. Clarkson still is Michigan’s top high school TEAM in my opinion, and they are still my pick to win Class A as of right now. So overall, I am extremely happy with this Dejulius to Michigan marriage.


DeJulius isn’t redshirting next year. Not a chance.


Yeah I get it, was merely stating my simple, but of course elegant viewpoint on the subject.

Not to belabor the point but I don’t see a big difference from playing Simpson with either Brooks or DeJulius. Also, I don’t see a scenario in which DeJulius redshirts. He’s too good, and physically he’s ready.


Oh sorry I definitely wasn’t commenting on his impact next year or taking those shots next year. I was just making a general comment on him. I think once he does establish himself as a rotation player, whether that’s next year or in a couple years, he’ll be great in those late clock situations.

On his highlights, I definitely hear you that everyone looks good in theirs. I do strongly believe his shots in his highlights show more than other guards. Those are some tough pull up shots that a lot of guards in college can’t hit, or at least not consistently. I think the ability to even take and hit those will translate well. It’ll just be a matter of can he get those off in college.


How did Currie look? I assume we made the right call in recruiting Castleton and letting him look for another program if he wanted to be a 2018 recruit?


I can agree with that. A lot of the shots Dave hits are much more difficult than your typical highlights you see. But high school is much different than the Big Ten. The one thing I like more about Dave than most is that East English plays about the toughest schedule a high school team in Michigan can.


I was not at the game. I was on the west coast. One of my friends said they are happier with Castleton than Currie. I need to see more of Currie and haven’t seen Castleton, but going from my colleagues words and the film I’ve seen I also prefer Castleton.