2018 - PG - David DeJulius (Commit)


DeJulius and Foster Loyer going at it tonight. Sounds like he’s taking over. They were down 18 points at the half


Anyone know if DeJulius has raised his 2pt% at all? I saw somewhere that it was worryingly low to start the season.




Dejulius’ team won 80-71. Quite the turnaround from down 18 at half. Dave must have been a killer with 17 in the 4th.


This isn’t the first of many battles though. Foster outplayed and beat Dave last time they played in AAU. But all the recent performances were close between both team and player. This was a dominant performance by Dejulius and a no brainer who won today’s battle.



I am surprised the local media didn’t destroy that video because their beloved team’s future player got humiliated.

Now they can go back to researching how much Michigan paid for their Championship rings and whining about something Harbaugh did, while completely ignoring the laughable amount of off the field incidents at their beloved school.


-Clarkston dominated the first half with consistent team basketball. Sets, crisp cuts, excellent passing ect…

-#3 for Clarkston was BIG in the first half. Can’t remember him missing a shot. Made 3-4 triples, good passing.

-It was hard for EEV to keep up in the 1st half. With Clarkston so efficient on O and DeJulius not warmed up yet, EEV wasn’t going to out-skill or out-talent Clarkston. It was a route. DD kept them going through the ups and downs, but in the first half it was ALL Clarkston. There was a small back n forth between Loyer, DD and #23 for EEV. DD hit a 3, then Loyer hit a couple three’s on fast break opportunities. #23 came down and hit a three. All back to back to back.

-The second half was different. Obviously DD got it going. Smart player. His go to offense is to rock the defender to sleep then either rise over with the jump shot or dribble drive. If he dribble drives he can get all the way to the hoop or stop for afloater in the lane. It was all working in the 2nd half. It didn’t matter who was on him. He either went right around or made it rain from deep.

-He’s big with the ball. He’s not a big player. 6’0? But he’s well built in his rear and legs… wide… strong. Uses his body well. In terms of what he can do vs what Loyer is capable of…? It wasn’t close.

-EEV came back. It was all DD. It was a 1-3 point game and time for Loyer to show up… he couldn’t. DD defended him a bunch in the forth. Bothered his shot, penetration and passing lanes.

-Loyer scored 4-6 points vs DD. His other 16’ish points came on good looking fast break shots or shots within the O. Had a nice little step back against DeJulius to get a shot off and one drive. Other then that, when it counted… zip.

In terms of being a prospect at the next level or who is the better player, this isn’t a debate. Loyer is a nice little player, honestly he is. He’ll be a good backup at MSU for 2 years, then take over as a Jr. But DeJulius is at a different level. Stronger, more explosive, shot is a wash (both excellent shooters), more consistent penetration and better finishing ability. Just a higher level player. Loyer could be guarded, DeJulius couldn’t.


When did Foster outplay DD in AAU?

Heard it was the other way around.


Will DD challenge for the point guard spot right away? All the recent film I’ve seen looks incredible…so much more dynamic with the ball off the dribble than Brooks and Z right now


Will DeJulius be given an opportunity to compete for minutes next season? Yes, absolutely.

Will DeJulius, as a Freshman, be able to unseat Brooks, Simpson, or Poole for minutes in the backcourt rotation? Seems unlikely. But it seemed similarly unlikely that Brooks would pass Simmons & Simpson as a Freshman this year…so it is do-able.

In my opinion, the best outcome for UM short-term & long-term would be Simpson-Poole-Brooks further developing this summer and forcing their way into big minutes at guard slots, by default pushing DeJulius into a redshirt year — getting him 2 classes behind Brooks & setting UM up with experienced PG play for a long time down the road.



Love that DD got in “#23’s” face a bit. That edge will be nice to have

Cant say that I miss #23’s commitment…


The kid who went off for Clarkston was CJ Robinson. He’s one of the better available senior guards left in Michigan. As for East English vs Clarkston, I really think East English has more talent Easy. But they are all in the same positions so they are one dimensional. Clarkston has a better balance of actual size and players in different positions. When all the players graduate from this East English team, wouldn’t be shocked if 4 of the guys go D1, and 2 or 3 more go d2. For Clarkston, they will be lucky to have 4 guys total go d1/d2. But Clarkston’s blend of size and players in various positions makes them one of the best teams in Michigan.

Also, East english runs a full court 2-2-1 a lot of the time, that I don’t think is very effective because they are too small of a team. They got killed by Hazel Park earlier this year and got killed in the first half versus Clarkston. In the second half, i heard East English went more half court man to man and a half court 2-2-1 or other half cour traps and that stifled Clarkston because of their speed.


I wish him luck but I think it would have been an incredibly steep uphill battle for him if he would have come here.



Can’t help but notice the Izzo recruit was not even guarding the Beilein recruit (completely over matched?) while the Beilein recruit did a nice job defending the Izzo recruit.


His inside the arc game almost had a little Jalen Brunson in it.


Except it seems we’re also strongly pursuing Jalen Terry in 2019 (or is he 2020?), which complicates things a little. And Watts and potentially Beverly in 2019. Good problems to have, except that we might have three “pretty good” PGs but no star, which would make it real unfortunate if Terry committed elsewhere and was a star.