2018 - PG - David DeJulius (Commit)


Thanks for the breakdown. As @Wolverine3 said, I’m not sure if there’s been much expectation that he’ll be a star as a Frosh. I do think there are hopes that he will be the leader of the team when the time presents itself (which may well be after X graduates). Either way, I’d imagine that he’ll be the backup 1 as a Frosh and see the court more than X did as a Freshman.


I agree. I’d rather JB bring in guys with passing ability that needs proper aiming and direction (Poole, Dejulius) than bring in guys who aren’t as skilled but are already turnover-averse. JB will make sure good passers (and any level of passer, really) dont turn the ball over, and that good shooters shoot well.


Dave will need to adjust from being a ball dominant very high volume shooter ( who has a constant green light ) to being a better hunter of good shot attempts in college.

He has not shot well in this years EYBL. He is not going to wow you with athleticism or beat you off the dribble, it’s his potential in the high ball screen that is intriguing for M.

I’m still mystified as to why we pulled the trigger so fast on him though. Would have loved to see us continue to track Dwayne Cohill longer.

JB loves shooters though. Hope Dave pans out in the long run!


I do like his ball screen abilities and I think having Eli Brooks on the roster may be why we cooled on the Cohill type.

If we get guys like Hunter or Brazdeikis I think having a guy like DeJulius makes perfect sense. We should have plenty of firepower elsewhere.


It’s not just his shooting. His ability to run ball screen makes him a great fit for Beilen. He also has a toughness to him that Beilein wants in his program.


Don’t see much potential in any of ( Brooks-Poole- DeJulius) in being able to beat you off the bounce like Cohill can. Especially in finishing at the rim. They are all shooters first.


I’m saying we already have a combo guard in Eli Brooks, and that’s probably why we aren’t after Cohill (6’2 combo type guard). I’m not saying their games are similar nor that Brooks is better.


Gotcha. With Simmons addition is Brooks now redshirted year one?


There are so many new pieces to fit together next year at the 1-3 that I wouldnt count anyone as a sure fire red-shirt. If Eli plays really well off of Simmons, that could be our starting backcourt, or at least see significant minutes.


I probably would unless he shows potential for solid contribution. I think he could use a year of S&C and then will be ready to go. That’d also push him into next years class which may or may not be a bad thing - I still can’t tell what kind of “2” guard we’ll end up with in 2018.


Having so many guards who can shoot off the dribble is a good thing, and especially in college you can get away with playing multiple of these guys at the same time. And Michigan gets players leverage and these guys will be fine finishers in those situations.


I am not in favor of red shirting any of the guards. At this point with all of them being young, bring them along freshman year. Simmons is a one year stop gap. Get everyone experience and ready to step up sophomore year at the latest. Plus we have DeJulius coming in 2018. Keep these guys moving along or miss out on a possible difference maker who would be looking for a not so crowded back court.




EYBL Session 4 ( LA ) shooting stats for DeJulius:

24-61 overall from field
7-21 from three



I just don’t see DeJulius as being a top 100 kid in this class. Marginal quicks and athleticism, plus he has never seen a shot he doesn’t like.

Needs to desperately learn what a good shot attempt is going forward.


He’s a strong guard and not sure you can measure toughness which I think Dejulius has plus he can create his shot and has proven he can distribute. I don’t think you can go by what happens in aau where guards dominate and he has to carry his team.


Understand that you aren’t high on Dave, but I really think he is a good fit. You need a tough shot maker at that position and DeJulius takes (and makes a lot of tough shots). He passes the ball well and can control a game.

Will he need to improve on consistency and shot selection at times? Is he probably never going to rise that high in the rankings because he isn’t an overwhelming athlete? Yep. But he can play and will fit great in Michigan’s system.

(BTW, I guess in a way I am agreeing you because I don’t really see him ending up as a top-100 kid.)


That’s the hope. Think the kid is really going to have difficulty adjusting to limited shot attempts at the next level.

Not unusual for high volume HS shooters, but his game is predicated on having a lot of attempts. How efficient will he be going forward in limited opportunities?

I’d feel different if I felt he could get to the rim effectively, but I’m not seeing that for him in college.