2018 - PG - David DeJulius (Commit)


Was that a MattD video, or MattD’s friend posting for him? Sadly we’ll never know…


Tough game for DeJulius today. 3 points on 1/7 shooting.


Tavon Jones of the Playaz locked him up. I’ve been trying to talk about this guy for awhile. Strong defender and gets to the rim at will.


9-28 overall, 2-9 from three in his 3 EYBL games so far this weekend in Indy.


Tough to get too caught up in 3-game sample sizes, IMO. That goes just as much for the “highs” like last weekend’s games as it does for the “struggles” like this weekend.

Important for DeJulius to show more consistency as the summer progresses, though.

And from a UM-centric view, important for DeJulius to show an improved learning curve from start of summer to end of summer.



15-43 from the field overall, 2-12 from three, with one game remaining Sunday morning against Wisconsin Playground Elite @ 9:30.

Both teams are 1-6 so far in EYBL competition.


Decent last game of the weekend. 11pts 9ast 5 rebs. His team need a real big man on it


Finished Session 2 by going 19-52 from field and 4-18 from three, 10-17 from the FT line. They blew out a real bad team to win their last game.

Now stand 2-6 in EYBL play.



Good read. Thanks for sharing.


Another article where he says he is recruiting Trevion Williams, Brandon Johns and Gabe Brown. Also says he has a video of Brown saying he would commit if offered.

Would rather have Brown than Tyson at the 2/3


Another rough shooting weekend for DeJulius in NIKE EYBL league action this weekend in Atlanta Session 3.

Finished 14-46 overall and 4-16 from three.

The Family did win 3 out of 4 games to finish with an overall record of 5-7. I don’t believe they qualified for the Peach Jam however.


Still another weekend before Peach Jam.


Forgot about LA. If they keep playing like this they’ve got an outside shot to qualify.

Big time win this morning against Cal Supreme who features Bol and O’Neal. Hope they make it!


Lots of assists for DeJulius though. Currently 67/18 a/to ratio in 12 games on a team with no other top 100 prospects. I’m not really worried about his shooting.


Had a good Session 1 shooting but has struggled mightily since. Has missed 65 shots combined in Sessions 2-3, while going 8-34 from deep.

12 game totals in NIKE EYBL:

Dave DeJulius

FG - 45-123 .366
3PT - 17-50 .340
FT - 29-42 .690

Duane Washington Jr.

FG - 63-129 .488
3PT - 27-58 .466
FT - 23-26 .885

Just a matter of time before DW Jr. sees his offer list start to expand. Not sure if we’re still interested. More of a floor spacer and catch and shoot guy, not a pg.

Really showing out against top notch competition so far though. Had 28 against Cal Supreme this morning. Superior shot from deep.


I caution people who may think DeJulius is going to be an immediate star.


Michigan commitment David DeJulius has had a productive summer in the EYBL running with The Family. Here is a scouting report on what DeJulius brings to the court, and what areas still need improvement.

It didn’t take long for the Michigan Wolverines to identify David DeJulius as a prospect they wanted in the 2018 class. DeJulius committed to the Wolverines in December very shortly after receiving an offer from John Beilein. The offer and subsequent commitment from DeJulius came in the middle of a big junior year for DeJulius. Since then he has run the show for The Family in the EYBL, and has had a solid spring, here is a full breakdown of his game.
At around 6-feet tall, there is no doubt that DeJulius is best on the ball as a primary ball handler. With that said, there is no question that DeJulius’ first instinct is to score. So far this spring DeJulius has averaged 13 points per game in the EYBL while shooting 37 percent overall and 34 percent from distance. Also DeJulius has chipped in with 5.8 assists and 2.8 rebounds per contest.

David DeJulius
6’0" / 190 lbs
Currently the best thing DeJulius does is create space for himself off the dribble. DeJulius has an absolutely lethal step back jumper, and he is capable of making it both in the mid-range and from distance. While DeJulius doesn’t have the speed to go past a ton of defenders off the bounce, what he does do as well as any prospect in the class is stop on a dime, and create space to make his jumper. This makes him very difficult to guard in isolation situations, and even coming off of ball screens.
Also DeJulius has the look of somebody who will be an excellent catch and shoot guy from three. Though his shooting percentages are modest right now, a lot of that is due to the fact that he is still learning the balance between a good shot and a bad shot, and when to look for his own versus getting others involved. As he gets to college and that becomes more clear, DeJulius has the stroke of a 40 percent three point shooter and someone who can really threaten a defense from beyond the arc.
Another place where DeJulius excels is with intangibles. One thing a lot of young guards are missing in this day and age is communication skills, but on the court DeJulius talks on both offense and defense, and shows some leadership qualities in that regard. Also he is a kid who is tough as nails and plays with an extremely high motor.
Where DeJulius needs work is with his passing and decision making. While he is definitely someone who handles the ball and plays on the ball, there is some question on if he is a shot first point guard or a small two guard.
Too many times during the spring DeJulius has either made bad reads in transition situations or simply made bad turnovers with inexcusable passes. DeJulius sees the floor okay, but he does seem to struggle with who to pass to and when to get them the ball. Also several times he has tried to throw the ball to guys when quite simply there was no chance of the pass getting through the multiple defenders in the way.
Learning to make the simple play along with just being a better passer are two things that DeJulius will really need to focus on as he gets ready to go to Michigan as well as when he enrolls. That development will be key in determining what type of player he becomes in the Maize and Blue.
There are some tools to work with for DeJulius, he can be a high volume scorer with a nice shooting stroke, but there are also concerns. The next year of development will be huge for him as he hopes to compete in what should be a crowded in talented backcourt in Ann Arbor.

  • Brian Snow


IDK if anyone said he’d be a star off the bat but he’ll be the most talented PG on the roster when he gets here. Beilein PG’s specialize in low TO’s. The Bball IQ will be preached. The talent is there. May take a year to realize it & put everything together, but he’ll play year 1 and gain the experience.