2018 - PG - David DeJulius (Commit)




Interesting that they offer another PG, big thing I take from that is we need a couple of 3/4 who can take it to the rim and creat for others. JB has to see that is the one hold up the team might experience, put someone beside Matthews and you got a duo.


He looks like is going to be a very good player.


Some good stuff there from basically the highest level of comp a 2018 kid can play without playing up.


I like the concept of having a real competition for minutes at the point guard spot…can’t remember the last time we have ever had that other than Brundidge vs. Burke for like 5 minutes lol


There’s also no rule about multiple ‘point guards’ playing at the same time. Whether one or the other is a combo, the key is that you have multiple guards who can fit together.

I don’t see why some combination of Brooks, X and DeJulius couldn’t be on the floor at the same time.


Well one reason might be is that none of them can guard a taller shooting guard without giving up a lot.


I think this is hugely overrated at the guard spots. If we’re giving up 3 inches of height where does it help? A bigger window on contested threes? Post ups? If we can stay in front of a guard then height doesn’t matter as much out there.


Yeah, sure there are could be some defensive concerns. But there are some defensive strengths too (X’s quickness, Dave’s strength).

Michigan basically switches everything as well so guys end up guarding multiple positions anyways. As @Boards notes… quickness is usually more important to perimeter defense than raw size.


I guess it works well for Kansas. They start 5-11 and 6-2 and have one of the best backcourts in the nation.




Weird. I wouldn’t worry about it.


The last 4 National Champions have started a backcourt where neither player was over 6’2" and all but ‘Nova had one starter under 6’.


Three lowest ranked point guards to commit to Kentucky in the Calipari era:

Dominique Hawkins (194 overall) - appeared to be a pity offer to a lifelong UK fan and the Kentucky Mr Basketball

Eric Bledsoe (57 overall) - 2nd point guard in the class along with John Wall

Quade Green (24 overall) - 2017 commit

While DeJulius appears to be underrated, I can’t imagine that DeJulius is top 25 good (and thus able to get a UK offer).


Kentucky starts 3 guards at 6’3 right now so a bit overrated but just wish one of them was a bit bigger. Al it means is need to get a wing or two that can use the pick and roll.


Ugh, Matt is also saying that DeJulius is now not going to commit to Michigan tomorrow, which was the plan. While I am also skeptical that DeJulius will end up getting a Kentucky offer, this muddies up the waters, puts us into a potentially extended recruitment (where we don’t do as well), and gives other programs time to enter the fray as DeJulius blows up and gets more attention.


Here’s the game that earned DeJulius the offer


I have to say this–he certainly has the right to take his time and see what the range of options is, but he also runs a big risk by doing so, namely, that the offer may not be there at the end of that waiting period. The example of his own AAU teammate, Jamal Cain, ought to be a stark reminder of that, and there are numerous other examples, both with respect to Michigan and with respect to others. Generally, top kids can wait and teams will save spots (though this is not always the case), but kids outside the top 50, and almost surely at the bottom of the top 100 or below, will be passed up for others should those others be willing to commit before the first offer is ready. In those cases, waiting for “better” options can turn into a situation where the guy who waits winds up with worse ones.


DeJulius is going to be in very high demand from here on out. Can’t blame him for letting it play out.