2018 - G - Noah Locke (Florida Commit)


With the way things have been going lately two of the five would never make it to their senior year.


Mixed reports


If Locke ends up committing and Beilein’s comments about Eli Brooks portend more 2-PG lineups in the future…does that push Poole to the small wing spot in UM’s future plans?

Simpson, Brooks, Locke, DeJulius…that’s a lot of bodies for 1 PG spot?
Compare to the depth chart on the wing where it sets up as Matthews, Livers, Johns, maybe another Class of 18 wing, maybe Ibi Watson develops as a reserve option


I thought Locke was more of a combo type guard, more in the mold of MAAR. Someone who could help with the ball handling responsibilities, but also a very good shooter with range.


Locke is not a PG and Brooks is a combo guard. The only two true PGs in that group are X and Dejulius and they are two classes apart


If Brooks plays the 2 we would be giving up a lot of size. If Locke is a legit 6’2 then that would be fine, but for Brooks, unless we’re playing against a team with two small guards I can’t see it happening much at all. Imagine Brooks matched up with shooting guards like Josh Langford. Locke is listed as a PG in most recruiting services, but whether he would play primarily the 1 or the 2 would probably depend on how well dejulius or brooks develop.


Call them what you want, it doesn’t change the premise of my question ----- if Locke commits, does that mean UM is looking at Poole’s long-term contributions more as small wing than as a 2-guard?


Maybe it’s the height & area he comes from, but there seems to be some Lou Bullock in Noah Locke’s game?


I can’t answer about what the coaches are looking at, but to me it just means there would be some great competition at the 1 and 2 with all these players in the mix (DeJulius, Simpson, Brooks, Locke, Poole). One of those guys probably won’t make the rotation in '18-'19. But it’d be up to each of them to prove valuable enough to push Poole to the 3.


I think that we are reading too much regarding each player’s position. Beilein is loading up shooters, Locke and Poole are both shooters. X, Brooks and Drjulius are not.


Brooks is most definitely a shooter too


Beilein would say otherwise. He continues to insist that Brooks is a true PG despite fan opinions.


Brooks is a point guard who can shoot. Definitely a shooter.


Locke is a 2 all the way, like Jordan Poole. He can shoot the lights out and has an impressive wing span.


Ugh. What do you mean all the way? Are you saying he cant play PG?


I don’t see Locke as a guy you project at PG.


Brooks is a good shooter. I don’t know where you got the idea that he’s not.


I would say Brooks is. I would also say DeJulius is, he shoots a lot of off the dribble threes.


Wow, totally misread that as Brooks. This is the brooks thread right?? :wink:

Yes, Locke as a 2, agreed.


Convinced, Brooks is a shooter.