2018 - G - Noah Locke (Florida Commit)



Interesting that the first visit is the last one secured.


Wow, so that means no Kansas official. That’s good news for us.


Going to be interesting to see what happens with Locke going forward.


Is he visiting this weekend?


I would assume a full court press this weekend.


So is the consensus Locke>Ahrens, assuming they are vying for the same spot?


In a vacuum, probably. However, if there was/is a connection between Iggy and Ahrens on last weekend’s visit, such that getting Ahrens might make it more likely that Iggy would come, that might factor in. There’s also the possibility that if Iggy goes elsewhere (as does Barrett), we might take both Locke and Ahrens if both wanted to come.


Yeah that is the one thing…a potential bond with Iggy and Ahrens. That said, even though the staff said take your time to Ahrens, I’m sure they would have accepted his commitment if he wanted to offer it. So if Locke is blown away and wants to jump…a bird in hand…


Ohio State there as well


Anything on the visit? Crickets so far.


This is news… was originally scheduled the week after.


Any thoughts on why? Best spin is that it enables him to decide before Ahrens and snatch up that spot.


Ahrens will end up back to Ohio St.


It reads that way to me–finish your visits (and on a non-football weekend to boot, as Florida is at Kentucky), and if Florida doesn’t knock your socks off, commit to Michigan while the spot is still there.


There’s a scout article interview with his Dad, who is a basketball industry insider of some sort, some coaching, some shoe stuff. He specifically mentions that they like Beilein’s track record developing players and he sees through the recruiting BS. Good signs.
scout article paywalled


Adding Locke and Iggy to this class would be fantastic! We’d have a complete starting 5 for the 2018 class.

PG: Dejulius
SG: Locke
F: Iggy
F: Johns
C: Currie

Some diverse skill sets in there and the types of players that thrive under JB’s tutelage.


That would be an impressive recruiting haul which would also put pressure on the current team members/starters to step up their games or replacements are knocking at the door.


I’m biased but I read that as very positive for Michigan.


Obviously Beilein is a magician so anything could happen, but that lineup as seniors… Man.