2018 - G - Noah Locke (Florida Commit)



Nice player. Surely fits the mold. Still hope we have a slashing wing in the fold though.


Really consistent form on his jumper and even off the dribble manages to get himself square to the basket, even his feet.


This was what stood out to my untrained eye, no matter the play his body was ready to shoot before the ball was in his hands.


I noticed on dribble drives he does a little flutter of his feet, almost like a cat swishing his tail, and it gets him square. Impressive body control.



It’s going to be hard to pluck this kid from the DMV.


Watched Locke play vs. Howard Pulley at Peach Jam. First thing I noticed about Locke is that he is REALLY long. Didn’t make any 3’s while I watching but Pulley was on him like glue the whole game. His stroke looks really good, seemed like an off game for him. He’s a combo guard and handled vs. pressure a little bit but doesn’t seem to be a break you down type guard.


Thanks, the fact he’s long should certainly compensate for some people’s concerns about his height! While I still can’t get a read on where we stand with him (or he stands with us), I’m ALL for bringing on deadly shooters, and it seemed pretty universal that he was among that group in his class.


And Beilein was at the very center of the court watching along with Kevin Stallings from Pitt. Coach K and Jeff Capel were there to watch Tre Jones. I couldn’t get a true feel of how many other head coaches were there, besides a few mid major head coaches. The camera didn’t zoomed in on the coaches but it did zoom in on Kevin Durant and his crew when they walked in (Marvin Bagley vs. Jontay Porter was the next game).


Watched overtime of Locke’s team’s loss to E1T1. He had a wide open look from 3 and missed it. He did play good defense but like the previous game vs. Pulley, defense was all over him and wouldn’t let him get the ball or get any good looks.


Don’t want him.




Wow. That could be a game changer. Hopefully not.


Unfortunately this mentality is because seemingly too frequently we get everyone’s leftovers or sloppy seconds


Or because Kansas has one of the top 3-4 programs in the country.


Yep – that’s it. Not because it is a blue blood offer. :roll_eyes:

That being said, we’ll have to see what kind of offer this is and what kind of priority he is for Kansas.


Well we haven’t been losing kids to just the “bluebloods” over the last few years. We’ve also lost kids we recruited very hard to Xavier, Purdue, Illinois, Texas, Cal, Syracuse, Butler, etc.

Don’t get me wrong, we have had some nice pickups in there as well, but let’s not pretend we are only losing kids to Duke, Kentucky, Kansas and NC.


Let’s also not pretend that they (non-blue-bloods) are not losing kids to us. Every top-100-ish kid has double-digit offers. We only keep track of our winners and losers, which have about a 3-1 ratio. It always looks negative if you think we should be batting 1.000. Everybody loses vs everybody. It’s just the nature of the process. Let’s not get so wound up about it.
Edit: meant l/w 3/1. Batting 75% would be redonkulous.