2018 - G - Noah Locke (Florida Commit)


I feel some good news upcoming from Locke…


Were you told something?


Nothing concrete. Just a feeling I have…


Don’t expect this to be Michigan here with Adrien Nunez announcing tonight. Smart bet might be Florida with the last official visit.


This is all hypothetical right? I could easily see Locke knowing that Nunez was coming in for the visit over the weekend and letting JB know that he wanted the spot. Maybe i am just naive and want it to be Locke over Nunez (not that I have a problem with Nunez). I am sure you have information/hunches that we dont have access to quite yet… just be curious how much certainty you are saying this with.

Also… Locke may have already told JB that he was going elsewhere and thus the spot is for Nunez without hesitation.


Not Dylan, but if Locke wanted to go to Michigan, and knew Nunez was announcing Monday (as has been widely reported), why would he wait until Tuesday to announce himself? It seems to me that either (a) we know/strongly suspect that Locke is going elsewhere, hence the offer to Nunez who was plainly going to commit if he got it, or (b) having seen Nunez live twice in the past few weeks, we decided that he’s not a drop-off from Locke and decided to take the bird in the hand.


I would be shocked if Adrien Nunez doesn’t announce for Michigan tonight.

2018 - Big - Colin Castleton (Commit)

At this point I truly believe Nunez has the best potential of the two. At 6’2” and average athletically, the odds are a little more stacked against Locke. Nunez was a late bloomer physically and his shot looks amazing. I really like him. Could see him having a klay Thompson type game in the end.


I assume that the spot was Lock’s if he wanted it, since he has been prioritized for a long time. It seems, that for whatever reason, he didn’t want to play here.


It’s been stated elsewhere that that reason is playing time.


Offering Nunez feels like the shooting guard version of a couple years ago offering Ibi Watson while we still had some higher profile guys that were trending the wrong way at his position. Can’t say I fault the staff’s decision but I would have preferred letting it play out


Still plenty of time for Watson and Nunez, especially, to become very capable players. They could both play the 3, if necessary, also. I am a big fan of Poole’s game, so I’m excited for the future of that position.


If Locke is announcing tomorrow then I’m pretty sure they know where they stand


Looks like it’s Florida


I’m a UF alum so if that’s the case, I’ll take it. But really want him to take the spot just so we don’t take Nunez.

Not trying to be harsh, but I think he’s a pickup we can find at any time.


6’7-6’8 guys with his shooting ability are not easy to find. They’re so rare we had to find one in division 3.


Nunez is 6’5"


They did let it play out. This is how the play ended.


Is this based on the 5 or so minutes of highlight film available? His lack of recruiting profile? Or have you seen him live? Because if it isn’t the latter, I’m OK with taking the conclusions reached by a staff which has seen Nunez play live at least 3 times over minimal film and guru reports. Beilein isn’t infallible in terms of evaluations, but he’s very good at same, and his hit rate on way off the radar guys is considerably better than his miss rate (compare Douglass, Novak, Morgan, MAAR, Albrecht, LeVert, Dawkins vs. Christian and maybe Doyle). Indeed, most of Beilein’s “misses” have come on guys with pretty decent recruiting profiles (Brundidge, Chatman, maybe Donnal and Vogrich, though the latter two were rotation players on teams which won a BT championship).


I prefer Locke over Nunez simply because he is more proven and our depth at 2 is thinner than at 3. But i am happy to take Nunez, although he is a project and yet to prove that he is more than just a shooter.