2018 - G - Noah Locke (Florida Commit)




Didn’t realize he had more than 8 schools seriously contending on his list… not much of a cut


He’s had a lot of offers and interest come in late. It’s not like he’s been sitting on them for a year.


Yeah he’s started to blow up and I suppose maybe he wants to limit the number of schools coming after him… I’ll bet Michigan, Florida, Kansas, Pitt, OSU, Providence, Maryland all make the cut… not sure who else


Virginia maybe?


Florida, Kansas, Michigan, Maryland, Providence, Ohio State, Virginia and Xavier.


Glad we made the cut. Why Providence?


Providence was supposedly the first school that started recruiting him and he has a good relationship with them



Michigan: “Man I really like Michigan. When I went to visit, Coach Beilein took my family and I on the entire visit himself and showed us everything. It was great there. The atmosphere was great. We’re walking out on the streets and people were just excited to see him and us walking around. The facilities were great. I fit their playing style, too. We actually run a lot of there sets here at McDonogh.”


Based on length of response, Virginia > Ohio State > Michigan > Kansas


Sounds promising no?


What I heard earlier in the summer was that Michigan’s visit went better than expected and some other visits didn’t go quite as well as expected. I’d say Michigan is in the mix and should get an official this fall.


This video all for a top 8?..


Is there a chance Michigan fills their class before he commits somewhere or is he a take no matter what and you sort of figure it out at the end?


Will be on campus Sept 16 for official visit.


No Kansas yet. That offer must not have been worth the paper it was printed on. Figured as much.


No Virginia no Kansas is a pleasant surprise. Seems like of his officials, we might actually be the favorite on paper here?


VA might be falling in the same category as Maryland with an unofficial due to proximity. Definitely good to see that Kansas is not locked in for an official


Or, perhaps, he wanted the Kansas offer to prove his “worth,” but doesn’t actually want to go to Kansas–too far, likely to be recruited over, it’s in Kansas, whatever the reason.