2018 - G - Noah Locke (Florida Commit)


First of all, every team you mentioned there gets really good recruits from time to time, and many of those teams have had a lot of NCAA tourney success (like Syracuse - two recent Final Fours, and Butler, back to back title game appearances).

Second, I wouldn’t say we recruited guys like Eric Davis and Trevon Blueitt (after his UCLA decommitment) “very hard.” Same goes for Jalen Coleman - he had his chance to commit, and we moved on from him, not the other way around.

I just want to know why you seem to feel like we’re entitled to win all of those recruiting battles?

On the whole, we are certainly recruiting as good - if not much better - than any of the schools you just mentioned. No one gets every single guy they want. I wouldn’t trade rosters, coaches, or records with any of the programs you mention above over the past five years.

You can’t worry about the guys you don’t get, you have to focus on the guys you land. Our incoming class is Mathews (beat out Xavier), Livers (beat out MSU), Poole (who knows, because he committed to us early and shut out everyone else afterward), and Brooks (beat out OSU, Nova). Those are nice recruiting wins and more importantly, they seem to be talented players.

Our 2018 class, so far, is DeJulius (who knows, but I’d assume plenty of schools would be recruiting him if he was on the market), Johns (beat out MSU, Purdue, Indiana), and Currie (again, who knows, because he loves UM but also looks like a nice talent). It seems like Bingham and especially Gabe Brown really wanted UM offers, but didn’t get them, so they picked MSU.

I mean, just take the four position - we now have Livers and Johns in back-to-back classes. At this point, why on earth would anyone care if Kyle Young picked Butler? It would only matter if, for example, he was a top 25 talent or something (which of course he’s not).


Beilein is great at identifying talent early on, but as the recruitment drags on without securing commitment, the chance of losing them to poachers increases.

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He Is like the nice guy at the bar that the pretty girl (top 50 recruit) likes until the frat guys show up (Kentucky, UCLA, Arizona, etc). She knows he’s the better option in the long run but almost always ends up going home with the asshole.


You win, sir.


One-and-done night stand? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Name one recruit other than McGary that we beat the blue bloods for?

Who do you mean by blue bloods? We beat Arizona, which has recruited at the Kansas plus level, for Chatman. We beat MSU, which has made more FFs in the past two decades than anyone else, for Johns and Livers. We beat Villanova, as reigning NCAA champs, for Brooks.

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Where did I say we were entitled to win any of those battles? Its hilarious how you go bananas any time any one posts anything that looks remotely like a criticism.

My point was hardly controversial. We have lost a LOT of recruits to non blue blood programs so to act like we are only losing kids to Kentucky, Duke NC and Kansas is not an accurate depiction of things.

Recruiting got worse in the three years after the NC run, not better. It has picked up a little bit lately, which is great, but let’s not pretend like there weren’t some bad misses in the 2014-16 classes that had nothing to do with losing kids to blue blood programs.

Stauskas had a Kansas offer and was similarly ranked with Locke at the time, IMO that is the best comparison.

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Don’t forget that Irvin - and Ibi Watson - had Indiana offers and Vogrich had a UCLA offer. Other teams we have beat in recruitments include OSU, Wiscy, Nova, Illinois, Gonzaga, Oregon, USC, etc.

Ask Dylan- he is the one who used the phrase and implied that we shouldn’t expect to beat out Kansas for Locke because its a “blue blood” program.

Not really. He said we’d have to see how much Kansas prioritizes Locke, suggesting that only then would we know how serious a development in Locke’s recruiting the offer would be. Not acknowledging that Kansas giving Locke a lot of attention might make them a player seems foolish. The inference that we would concede defeat seems to be more on your end.

That’s not germane to my point. I was talking about non-blue-bloods.

You’re wrong. Just about every elite recruit we lost during that time frame was to a blue blood program.

Isn’t this true of any non blue blood program?

Ugh. The silly pointless arguments make for horrible browsing :slight_smile:
I just want Locke info here dammit.


Amen. Some people (on both sides of the argument) just can’t help themselves from getting into it over and over again on the same topic.

The value of a shot maker has never been more evident in today’s game which has made Noah Locke such a highly coveted prospect. A 6-foot-2 combo guard that has a decent feel for the game, where Locke goes to work is creating shots for himself within the confines of his team’s half-court offense.

While he is just an average athlete, it is Locke’s IQ for the game, ability to properly use the high ball screen and proper mechanics on each attempt that separates himself from his peers. Being watched by Xavier head coach Chris Mack and Florida head coach Mike White, along with assistants from Ohio State, Maryland, Pitt, Michigan, Providence, Florida State and Virginia, Locke finished with game high honors of 13 points. The deadliest of shooters that led the Nike circuit in 3-point jumpers made this summer, look for a more cut list to be made in August as Virginia, Providence, Xavier, Kansas, Michigan and Florida look to be in a good spot.

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Nice to hear good things about his relationship with Beilein.

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