2018 - G - Cormac Ryan (Stanford)



I like his game but probably not an impact player before his Jr year, the problem with that is that Michigan needs impact player next year with the what looks like a miss with Watson and Simpson.


Did someone anoint him coach K midwest? I sure didn’t.


I’m not as worried about our wings next year as everyone else is. We basically lose Zak and add Matthews and Poole…if Matthews is the impact defender JB says he is and Poole gives us anything offensively I’d call that a win. Worst case scenario we go back to major minutes for MAAR and Duncan together, who started at the 2/3 on a team that made the tournament last year.

The only major question marks on the roster in my mind are PG and backup big minutes


Yup, especially since Poole will take a few years to physically develop.


You are really underestimating Zak’s ability to get teammates good shots, as inconsistent as he is.

If MAAR/DR starting doesn’t worry you then…


I’m definitely going to miss Zak (I stopped going to the game threads simply because I couldn’t take the “Can’t wait til Irvin leaves” takes) and shot creator is the black hole going forward forsure. But I am hopeful X, Brooks or Poole will be adequate enough as a pick and roll handler to come close to Zak’s impact.

MAAR/DR would be worst case scenario as I said, just pointing out we have won games with them starting before. Most likely it will be MAAR, Matthews, Wilson, Wagner and we need whoever the best shot creator is to play the 1. That said, if X doesn’t improve by next year, and Brooks and Poole are just catch and shoot guys year 1 then we are definitely screwed


I’m not gonna miss zak. His bad outweighs his good. He wants to be the hero and take the big shots but he’s not good enough and it hurts us. Yesterday for instance were tied or down two late. He hasn’t hit a shot or done anything all half and he comes off the pick and fires a deep two early in the shot clock. Of course he bricks and we never come back. He ruins a lot of key possessions,


The offense is going to stall next year and quite possibly there won’t even be moments to “take big shots”.


I think a LOT has to go right for them before all of that happens. Purdue blowing them out is a stark reminder that they are overachieving this year. Good story, Collins seems like a good coach, but I think there’s a greater chance of them collapsing down the stretch than winning a few tourney games. We’ll see.


If they don’t add a grad transfer this is very likely. I think it’s essential. That’s why I can’t get excited for Elliot even though I like him. Feels like it could very well sacrifice next year.


Cormac Ryan running on the EYBL circuit this summer


Man, that was cold.


I totally ate my words on that ( I’m assuming your talking a few posts up) To be fair as soon as he turned it around I copped to it though. In his threads I started to give him his props and went on to say this was the best ball I had seen out of him. Then he surpassed even that in the tourney.

Props to him and he is leaving in my head ( like he cares)with a totally different image then I had the previous 2.5 years. His defense was awesome and he started to make good decisions on shot selection/ not over dribbling. He even started to hit tough deep contested shots. I will miss him next year.


Cool. I was just reading through the thread and your post (not missing him) just stuck out. Of course I’m not one to criticize players who I think have poured all they into their team. To me it seems sort of tragic when they fall short of their dreams.


This article is ridiculous for a host of reasons, but here’s a notable blurb:

What’s clear is Ryan would be the most important addition in NU hoops history. He is expected to announce his college destination by the end of May — and it could come as early as this week.

Then again… it also doesn’t really attribute that early decision to anyone either.


Vic Law was ranked higher in the 247 composite. Also, Teddy Greenstein is a pretty awful sports writer.


Yeah… Vic Law was higher rated (although I guess Cormac could move up at 247 because new rankings were released today), but Law was certainly higher rated that Bryant McIntosh. His name just doesn’t rhyme I suppose.



Dylan, any idea why we cooled on Cormac? I know we both agreed that we really liked his game.


Not Dylan, but I’ll take a stab. I think it may be a combination of two things: (1) despite the effort we’ve put in (and well before he “blew up”), we did not have a feeling that we were in the pole position for him; and (2) as things have developed with our '17 and '18 recruits, we currently have four guys (Poole, Brooks, Livers and DeJulius), all of whom are shooters–they have other skills, but are first and foremost shooters. This means that Ryan (and Carmody) are more of what we’ve already got. A guy like Bienemy with his athletic ability may be seen as a better complement to the others.