2018 - G - Cormac Ryan (Stanford)



That makes the most sense and hope it is true as that wing with athletic ability to create is something that we haven’t got much recently.

MHoops, have you heard any new wing names that the staff is looking at?


You’re probably right, especially on point 2, but it seems like instead of 2 available scholarships we’ll probably have 3 or 4 to fill. Unless we get a 5 who can shoot in the 18 class, we’re still going to need shooters on the court at all times at the 1-4. I’d think we could still make room for Cormac (who I think has a higher ceiling in this offense than Eli at least).


Cormac Ryan is headed to Stanford.


Loved Ryan but clearly we fell off the radar awhile ago. Good get for Stanford


Stanford was trying to get him to reclassify to 2017 because they needed a lead guard. A lot changed when Lorenzo Romar got let go at Washington. They got back in the mix for Daejon Davis and then eventually got him. They have now gotten their top two targets in the '17 and '18 class.


Yep, this one had pretty much been over from a U-M standpoint for a while. Had to prioritize other options and Ryan clearly wants the opportunity to play the 1 which just isn’t there at Michigan.

There’s also this article…

And the result… :thinking: Guessing there are some frustrated people in Evanston with this decision.


This was the first thing I thought of (besides my own disappointment). I’m glad that we won’t have to face him 1-3 times a year though…like we may with Heurter who I was also high on.