2018 - G - Cormac Ryan (Stanford)

Not a huge surprise, but Ryan got his scholarship offer. Was deserved from what I saw yesterday.

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Anyone with thoughts on how interested he might be in UM? Also, where would he rank as a 2018 priority this point (not so much for UM staff as for us)?

First guard that Michigan has offered in 2018 AND having a coach at all of his games this summer shows everything you need to know about how he ranks as a priority. Serious mutual interest as well.


I’m with Coach Beilein on Ryan. I really like his game; would be a great get.

Most favorite recruit we’re after in '18. He’ll be top 50 after it’s all said and done.

It would be nice to get an early commit from this guy. Remember reading something about his coaches really loving Beilein.

Don’t see that. Definitely upper tier in terms of skill, but only 6’3 and doesn’t like contact/physicality at all. Brandon Wade bullied him several times off his spot yesterday because he lacks aggression. Certainly more verticality than one would think, but he lacks the aggression of say, a Stauskas.

We’re essentially looking at a poor mans Nik, slightly less skill and minus 3 inches

You’re the only person I’ve seen say he’s 6-3 and at the same age, he’s better skill wise than Nik everything besides shooting.

I like Ryan and would be thrilled with his commitment, but it’s a little strange to me how people seem to forget how good Nik was. Nik was super skilled in a multitude of ways.

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I really think you underestimate Stauskas’ skill level.

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No I don’t not at all. But comparatively at the same age…

Well it’s either that or you overestimate Ryan’s. I think he’s much closer to a Duncan Robinson type player than Stauskas if we’re going for Michigan player comparisons. He’ll still probably be top 120 or so but top 50 is really reaching. I think we need someone like that though.

It’s neither of those. I’m on record saying top 50, so doesn’t really matter what people think. Don’t think Robinson is even in the ball park of a close comparison though.

I saw him yesterday in person, stood next to him, in addition to Ryan standing next to Easley (who’s only a legit 6’5) and Easley is clearly 2-3 inches bigger.

If you think he has any skill better than Stauskas at the same age, we just have to disagree. Cormac is a nice player, but certainly not as good as Nik at the same age in any facet of the game


Agree. He projects to be a nice 3rd or 4th option in college but he’s nowhere along the Stauskas line of development at the same age in terms of the total package. I mean look at this highlight tape, Stauskas was known to be an amazing shooter but a large portion of these highlights are dunks, drives, and dishouts. Beating kids off the dribble and finishing through traffic. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WZfYSC3lU9k

Cormac Ryan’s reel is almost exclusively three pointers. I’m curious as to what Oracle watched that would make him think Ryan is more skilled than Stauskas at the same point in time.

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Silly to get caught up in comparisons… Cormac is really good, good length, can elevate, great off the bounce and a smooth shot. He’s a playmaker and would be great in Michigan’s offense. He’s really skinny, but a lot of time to add muscle to his frame.


Thank you. I don’t get the comparison to Stauskas,
Ryan can do just fine being Ryan.

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He’s the kind of guy that you just really like to have on a Beilein team. I do hope he ends up in the class.

I do agree, he has a plus handle, but wouldn’t say he’s great necessarily. Think Cormac is much closer to Jordan Poole as opposed to Stauskas.

You are very wrong on this. Stauskas’ handles in high school were criminally underrated.